Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Greatest of These is Love, 16 years.

Mike planned a great dinner for us on our anniversary.  He took me to Casper Fry.  Neither one of us had been there.  This is the gift that I gave to Mike.  
Surprise we are going to Casper Fry.  It was sort of a surprise.  I mentioned this place and he finally told me that was our destination.  
Our type of place.  Good food and a good atmosphere. 
I brought my gift along and Mike opened it at the restaurant.  
 Reading 1Corinthians 13...all about love.

 Chicken and veggies.
 The happy couple!
 There was a little farmers market type thing that we thought we would check out after our dinner.  They were closing down so we missed it.
 I am sure it was great!
 This place was right there by the market.
 We pondered getting some dessert.  Mike got a scone.
 Along with the cookies we found the Beatles.
 Clever, this place is a converted gas station.
Marriage isn't perfect, marriage is work, marriage brings happiness and laughter.   Our 16 years have been good.  We get better at marriage all the time.  Marriage is a gift from God and I am blessed to have Mike to share this gift with.

Lucy's Softball June 2016

Our little slugger!  Gymnastics last week and now softball.  She plays softball with the same enthusiasm as she does other activities! 4 singles and 1 triple.  
Lucy has watched a lot of softball so she has all the stances down.  Leading off the base here!
And she is on third base.  This might have been her triple hit!
Going home to score!
Oh yeah!  Just hit it to me in the outfield.

Chewing on the glove is a family tradition that started with Kristin.

Here we go! Batter up.
Watching, watching.
Staring down the ball!
And contact has been made.  Love the look on Lucy's face!  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

This was exciting because Kristin played catcher so it brings back memories and the cameras came out to capture the moment.
I am not sure she can see.

Layne was Lucy's support this time.

The arm behind the back position.
There goes another hit!  The deal was an ice cream for a hit.  Justin and Kristin have to re-negotiate that now.  That's too much ice cream.
Stashing the gear!

Ready position on 1st base.
Beautiful Layne.  We played some catch with a football for a while.

Scoring at home.  No one keeps score with these young kids.  Both teams were hitting like crazy.  It was fun to watch. Lucy asked after the game who won.  She decided it was probably a tie.

Look at the look on Lucy's face.  It was her turn for the race they do against the other team after the game.
Time to pack it up and go home.  Until next time Lucy!  We love watching Lucy and Layne doing anything and everything!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Bicycle Ride with the Valley Girls Triathlon Team

I was immediately struck by Trish's sunglasses.  So impressive and they even say Ironman on the side of them.  Coolest sunglasses ever!  I could be just a bit envious.  Off we go on the Centennial Trail to Post Falls, Idaho.  We rode directly through God's country.  I was not given the memo about the Zimm shirts.  
 We will be tearing up the Valley Girl Triathlon course as a team in a few weeks.
 I really wanted to stop and take pictures on the way because it was so pretty but I decided to wait until the way back.  We made it to a park in Post Falls and found a gem.  Trish had stopped here before but hadn't explored the park.
I have nothing to say!
 We decided to give our bikes a rest here.  We didn't really need a rest but I am pretty sure our bikes did. We wanted to make sure they were rested for the ride back to Spokane.

 Here we go exploring!
Who knew this was in the park?
Friends!  Love them!

Don't judge me.  I love rocks!

This was all at the half way mark of our ride.  So beautiful.  God created this for us to enjoy.  We are blessed in so many ways.

Sheila's selfie!

This was so far below us.  The picture doesn't show just how far.  What an adventure we had.  Discovering new things!

Yes, I do! I love rocks and how they form!

Now this is unique.  Trish's water bottle has a sprayer on it.  Look closely and you can see the spray.  I want one.
Oh yes it is a pleasant view!  I am not talking about the freeway.
Ok, this was funny.  Trish left her purse in her trunk and her bike was on the rack.  We couldn't get the trunk open so we investigated to see if  her seats went down.  To her surprise they did.  She went crawling in to get her purse and I heard a voice saying take a picture and I always follow that voice's directions.
19 miles in the books.  Only 31 more miles to the 50 mile goal.  Starbucks. Why?  Because we got gift cards from our students.  Thank you students.  What is moon cheese?  Did they go to the moon to get it?
Trish stand by the Starbucks umbrella!  She was confused on the why but she did it.  Documenting Starbucks!
We ended with some lunch and drinks.

It was a good day to be alive.  Good friends and a great bike ride with perfect weather.  The bonus was the park we explored.  It was beautiful and just hidden in a little corner! Thanks for the great idea Trish!!!