Sunday, April 12, 2015

Negative Split 5K and Half Marathon

Another beautiful morning in Spokane!  I always feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time outside in our beautiful city!

 Here we go. Freida had already taken off for the half marathon.
 Sheila and I found a place to spend money!  Just headbands.  As you see this was a bit pricey!
 Spokane!  Love Spokane!
I took a picture of the finish before we started.  Who thinks about that while you are crossing the finish line!
 The 5K crowd is ready to start!
 Look who came to say HI! Michele!

 Just saying Sheila... I exceeded your two photo limit.  I don't think you can make that rule! I have the camera!
 A wedding party getting pictures taken.  No better place than Riverfront Park!

 So sweet!  Mama and babies!
 Our raging Spokane River!
 Ha ha!
 The wedding party was still in the park on our way to the finish line!
So, you say...Why is Freida laughing after running 13 miles?  We spotted Freida and were all excited for her.  There's Freida!  Wait, she is turning around!  What are you doing?  You are only steps away from finishing!  Notice in her had she has her race bib.  It fell off and she had to go back and get it.  Sheila said she is for sure an Elite Athlete Only Different.
 There's that race bib and the almost finished celebration!
 Done with 13.1 and 3.1!  Done for this weekend.  On to the next weekend!
Rocket Bakery for treats!  This is where my camera was taken over and some weird random pictures were taken which I did not post on this blog but I posted on Facebook!
 The food pictures!

It was a great spring break.  We did something together almost everyday!  Friends!  I am a lucky girl to have such great friends.  The amazing thing is as much as we hang out we never run out of things to talk about and laugh about!  Blessed!

Hope Run for Childhood Cancer

It looks so nice and sunny doesn't it???  False! Cold and the wind almost blew us over.  It was all for a good cause, childhood cancer.  We got to see our friend Denise Maxson formerly know as Denise Caldwell which was a great bonus!  
There she is! We miss her at Michael Anderson but we know she is right where she should be with those children.  What a blessing she is to the kids and their families.
 Taking a picture of Freida taking a picture. Why?  I don't have any idea!
 Everyone gathered before the race with balloons!
 This little one in pink helped kick things off.
 Time to get started and off went the balloons!

And off we went down the very windy path!  I have never walked 4.4 miles in wind like that.  I was supposed to do 6.2 but didn't!

 We are done.  Freida did the 3.1 course and met up with us on the 6.2 course which was really a 4.4 course for us.  Who knows how far Freida went.  Farther than us! Coffee and warmth next!
 We made it to the Petit Chat Village Bakery and had some food and drink!
 We really didn't want to leave this comfy spot.  Life marches on and we had to leave!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter and Opening Day of the Mariners

I love the state I live in.  So diverse and beautiful.  We are on the road to Seattle.  This is the Columbia River!
These provide power somewhere and to someone.  At least I think that is what they do.  

The clouds were fabulous.  What do you think they look like?  A frog, a baby?  That is what I was trying to do.  I think I have lost some of the ability to immediately see something.  Well, I do see something quickly but it usually an animal.  Trying to branch out a bit.
Not sure I ever came up with something for this one?  How about you?  Leave a comment and let me know!

We always stop at Thorpes!

Pickles anyone.  Very unique types of pickles.  I thought I found a plain ol' dill pickle.  When I got the home, NOPE!
I found snow.  I missed snow this winter.  I hope next winter makes up for the lack of snow this year.

Look closely at this picture.  You will see a parachute right over the top of the peak on the left side.  About 2 peaks in.  Brrrr!  That would be a beautiful view!
Here is the parachute, easier to see with the zoom.

I didn't get my camera out quick enough to get the full shot of this.  It was just on the side of a mountain.  No houses around.  Go Hawks!
We found our bed and breakfast and the next thing on the agenda was to find a place to watch the final four!  Here it is!
That is a lot of beer!

Read the last beer on the right.  I am not sure I would want to drink that.  No, I would not want to drink Snake Venom!  It's a real beer.


We went to church with Katie.  Mike said it was the best Easter sermon he had ever heard.  It was a great service with great music.  We loved being there with Katie!
Lunch time and guess what???  A farmers market right down the street!
Katie and Mike!
Add me!
A farmer's market stroll!
Katie and Mike were fascinated by the making of quiche!
Some tunes!
Stroll is over!  It was good!
Katie suggested we go the the Tulip Festival.  Great idea!  The traffic was horrible.  I could not drive in that on a daily basis.  We finally made it to Skagit Valley.  It was so worth the drive! Enjoy!

Not supposed to be in the rows.  Busted!

All the colors, so beautiful.  This crossed my mind.  Jesus rose from the grave on Easter and we are here seeing the beautiful flowers He created as they come up from the ground on this Easter Day!
Why did the chicken cross the road? That is all I am saying!
Here we go! Opening Day of the Seattle Mariners.  No traffic until we got really close to the stadium.  

Ahhhhh! Baseball!


Baseball heaven perhaps!  Jackie and 
Baseball 2015!

The King!

What a great job this man did of singing the national anthem!

King's Court!

Play Ball!!!

In-between innings we got a dance performance from the field crew! So much fun!  I just love baseball!
Couldn't miss taking these pictures! Do it every time we go!
Bye, bye baseball! See you next time!
This is the place we stayed.  Cottage Creek Inn!  Fabulous bed and breakfast.  We would definitely go there again.  The people who owned this were so nice and we loved talking with them! This is the backyard!

Some remnants of the family Easter egg hunt on Sunday.

More remnants!
This is the front yard.   A huge tree got struck my lightening.  There is so much wood they are having trouble getting rid of it.

The front view of the house!
The cook Jeanette!
One last picture on the way home!  Snow of course.  Celebrating Easter with Katie was so good.  Family time is always precious.  Time with Mike and the baseball game, priceless!