Saturday, May 19, 2018

Soccer Tournament Time!

Lucy's soccer team has been undefeated all year!  Maybe since they have started playing together.  Franklin Park tournament 10 minutes from our house.  Good stuff!  Lucy is fast and plays aggressively.  

 This was quite the matchup.  Both girls were strong players.

 They lost their first game!
 They bounced right back on game number two.  5-2 with Lucy scoring 2 goals and assists on two of the other goals.

 Some jersey holding here! I didn't notice it as the game was going on, just in the picture.
 Jersey pulling now!
 This was a pretty good crash.  Lucy is on the right.  Lucy even had some tears but got right back up and played!
 Goal assist!

 Done for today.  Lucy's coach gave each player an award for their undefeated regular season!  He had something great to say about each player.  Another great coach for the Lathrop girls.

Mother's Day Richland Softball Tournament

Off we go! Our first trip in our travel trailer.  Rookies for sure.  We headed to Richland to watch Layne play softball.  

 Oh yeah!  Nice hit!

 This was a hit too.
 Off she goes!

 First base is a welcome sight for batters!
 This was a passed ball and you can see Layne at the right of the photo taking off from 3rd base.

 Down she goes!
 There was a break between games.  The Diamonds won their first game.
 Kristin, Layne and Brooke!
The next game was an exciting game to watch.  The other team pulled out in front by 4 runs right away.

 Team meeting!
 The Diamond rallied and tied the game in the last inning!  What a great victory for these kids.  They did not give up and they played a really good team.
 Best sign ever!
 All set up!

 Grandpa congratulating Layne on a great game!
 Lucy and the gear!
We headed back to the trailer for dinner!  Mike figured out how to set up the outdoor BBQ and we had burgers along with corn on the cob!

We decided to take a walk around the park.  As you can see Mike didn't make it very far.  He started talking about fishing with the neighbor and I kept going!
 Sunday didn't work out quite as good.  They Diamonds were in the gold bracket.  They played good and had some fun for sure but they did not win their games.

 Get ready!
 Boom! Right down the 3rd base line!  You can see the ball on the right in the circle.
 Off she goes!
 Layne made it all around the bases eventually.
 The Diamonds coaches are great!  They know how to coach and how to treat the kids on the team!  One more game but we didn't stay for it.  It was late in the afternoon and we headed home.
 Lucy had this ball that was attached to a band around her waste with a long elastic piece.  She could use it as a soccer ball and never have to chase after the ball. Mike and Lucy played tether ball.

 Mother's Day on this Sunday.  All the girls had gifts for their moms!

 Nice face Layne.  I told you it would be on the blog!
 It was fun to get out with the family and watch some softball.  We did pretty good with our new trailer.  We learned some things for sure.  Look at this picture.  It is beautiful.  I love my family!!!!!