Friday, April 18, 2014

French Quarter Festival April 2014

Be sure and scroll to the bottom and listen to some music.

New Orleans at it's finest!! If I have my facts straight this is how the big Jazz Fest started.  We loved this trip to the French Quarter.  So much music, food, art and so many people having fun.  Friendly, friendly people.  Mike and I could have stayed and listened to the music forever but we had a plane to catch!

There were musicians everywhere on the sidewalks playing for tips.  They were all good, very, very good!!!!! Not one group was less than fantastic.  It really gave us a feel for how important music is to the culture of New Orleans.  
When this guy put the wheels on the ground this was a very small car that buzzed up and down the street.  Amazing!
A live statue!  She did not move!  Love it!
Check out the mask on the guy sitting playing the guitar.
Not exactly sure what she was all about but this was another demonstration of the New Orleans culture.  I think on this trip we got a really good feel for that culture and certainly could understand why people love New Orleans.
This is another picture of the Mardi Gras Indian costume.
Art everywhere!!!!
We headed to Jackson Square to check out the food and music there.
We grabbed something to eat and headed back to the streets where you could talk to the musicians up close and personal.  We liked that better!
New hat! Who Dat!!!
Mike would not look at me for this picture.  Whatever he was looking at was more important than the picture.
Lots of people in Jackson Square!  Lots!  Another reason we went back to the streets.
No we did not indulge!

A purple suit!!! Hat and all!  Don't see that in Spokane!
Another band right outside the square!
Loved seeing this.  People would come up in front of the band and just dance a slow, soulful dance.  It was beautiful!
Someone came and grabbed my hand and told me to come sit with the band.  I did of course.  I know why they wanted me to do that.  If you get your picture taken with the band you feel very obligated to give a tip, which we did.  There were many ladies in the same spot after I was there!  Good strategy!  It worked.
Rest time!  Just reading a book!
Even the youngsters were playing!
A close up of the fabulous art!

You must listen to the video below.  This lady was amazing.  That is an understatement! The video gives you a good feel for the music that was at the Festival.
This was one of the many highlights of our trip!  Spending time with Steve, Michel and Rivers was on the top of the list!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Day with Rivers at the Zoo

A few pictures before the zoo pictures.  Blair is flying Rivers before bedtime.  Fun, laughter and giggles. Below the picture speaks for itself!  Night, night Rivers!

 Grandpa and Rivers!
 Here we go off to the zoo.  My biggest concern was Rivers can really run and I can't (bad knee).  Mike was in charge of catching the runner.  We never had to.  He stayed right with us the whole time.
 Here we go, out of the stroller and on the way!

 Mike wanted to listen to all the speakers by the animals.  Rivers did not want to so Mike had to sacrifice that part of things.  2 year olds don't have a huge attention span. He didn't mind at all!
 Rivers walked right up to this elephant and gave the trunk a pet like this elephant was the real deal.  "I am petting him!"

 The statues of animals were more fascinating than the real animals.  Not many of the real ones were moving around but Rivers could climb on these and touch them.

 More statues to climb.

 After I got my picture taken with Rivers he said Mike needed to come get a picture too.  Mike wanted to hold Rivers but no doing.  He had to climb up the gorilla in just the right way and sit on it.

 Snack time!

 Come on Grandma!  Come on! I was lagging behind!
 After a long, fabulous day at the zoo it was time for some lunch before we hit the road home!  We had so much fun taking Rivers to the zoo.  He is a precious little boy and a blessing to us all.

 This was Rivers cheese face for the picture.  Say cheese!!! Not sure what kind of face mine was!

Big bears are around and Rivers notices the lizard!