Sunday, October 8, 2017

We Tried to Take the Road Less Traveled

Beautiful day for a hike in the mountains.  The Wild Moose Chase Trail Run.  Our leg started at 10:30.  We had never done this so didn't know about parking, location, etc. We wanted to make sure we had plenty of time before the race started.  We arrived about 45 minutes early.  It was a bit chilly and we immediately started trying to figure out a way to start early. Maybe with another leg of the race?  We would be warm if we started immediately. 
First things first.  We found the outhouse and used it.   You always have to that you know.
What a day.  Fall colors popping out.  A lone chair lift.  Maybe it was part of the ski area at Mount Spokane at one time.  Or maybe a sledding hill.
We went into the lodge where a fire was burning and it was toasty warm.
Well, I guess we didn't have to use the outhouse.  That was a bummer discovering this.  Rookie mistake.

OK, let's check things out.  The start line and the finish line for everyone was the same but where were the routes for the different lengths.  We did not want to get on the 25K path for sure.  Maybe we could just walk past these people and start.  Was that the right way?
We notice the group before us going down this area. No ambulance rides please.  We decided to check it out.  We started walking and they were all long gone.
Maybe they went this way.  We were supposed to follow the orange markers for the 5K.  We walked.
Sheila started her Apple Watch.  We kept walking, then turned around and headed a different way.  We saw arrows on the ground and we followed them but no orange markers.  We finally talked to someone and we were going the wrong direction for our distance.  Well, at least we got some more steps in.  We headed back to the lodge.
Got our together picture taken.
And it was almost 10:30.  That didn't work out very well.

Here we go with the rest of the 5K people.  It was a good effort but unsuccessful.
What a beautiful day.  The chill of fall was in the air!

Some trails were plenty wide and some more narrow.

I snapped lots of pictures of the scenery.

This one is my favorite.

I mentioned  to Sheila that I thought we went uphill more than downhill.  One thing about trail runs in the mountains they have hills.
These mean boys told us we could not go up the big hill behind them.  It doesn't look that big but it was.  They said no way.  We really wanted to climb it but we weren't allowed to.  We were so disappointed.  It was toward the end of the trail run.  It would have been a great challenge.  Darn!  Haha!

Arrows made of flour, no harm to the environment.

We are done!  We actually found the moose! He looks sort of funny though.  Standing on two legs?  He is red.  What's that about?
The end! Another adventure in the books.  God is good, Got is good, all the time!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Road Less Traveled! Seriously, it Was.

Well, here we all are! Finishers.  There were more of us that participated but this is who I snagged for pictures. I don't even know all these people.  They aren't strangers though.  Bonnie and Freida know them.  I try not to snag strangers. 
The 10K started at 9:45.  Freida was doing the 1/2 marathon and I got there in time for a picture of Freida who was starting the 1/2.  My camera actually turned off and she waited for me to get the picture.  Nice!
And here we are again! As Aaron said, our picture is a tradition.  We do it every year.  4 years ago I was looking for a particular size of sweatshirt.  Nowhere to be found so I didn't buy it.  He searched and found one in my size and then searched and found me.  So nice.  We have been "close personal friends" once every year for 4 years now.
Getting ready to start!
Bonnie and her sister Claudia!  The dream team!

Beautiful setting!
Heading down the first trail but they get smaller.

This is a hill that the 5K people are coming up.  You can see how they look.  It is long and steep and at the end of the course. It was waiting for me at the end.
I got some water and then made a turn.  I noticed that I was alone not long after the turn.  I had passed the turn around for the 5K so I thought all the people around me were doing the 5K.  I kept walking and thinking.
Hmmmmm! Still no people.  I should have some 10K people around me.  I was getting a little sad.  What did I do?  There should be someone around me.  As you can see no people.  So weird. I kept thinking I would see someone coming the other direction that was faster than I was.  NOPE! I was the Lone Ranger here.  You would think I would be catching on to what happened.
Light bulb moment and it was a little late.  I took a wrong turn.  I really wanted to do this trail run and get 6.2 miles in.  Do I keep walking to get the miles in or turn back?  If I turn back and do the complete course I will do about 10 miles.  That did not sound like a good idea.  More sadness!  A couple of tears.  I have done this 10K course 2 other times.  What was I thinking!!!!!
Idea!  Brilliant.  I will turn around and go back to the turn off and do an out and back to still get the miles in and still walk some of the rock trails.  Here I go.
The long and winding road back to the 10K turn off.
Then I saw it!  A bald eagle flying over head.  I pointed my camera to the sky and had no idea if I got the picture.  I did but you have to enlarge the picture to see it.  Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles.  Isaiah 40:31. I chose to take the road less traveled and finish my 10K my way.  I am now laughing and soaking up every precious minute.
On the trail finally and listening to my Christian music singing at the top of my lungs.  Not a soul around to hear me! Picture it. So great!  Praising God and looking at his creation!  Perfect!  

The rocks and there were more to come.  Closer together and a bit bigger!  The trail narrowed too but I didn't have to worry about fighting for a spot on these rocky trails because I was alone. HA!

One time I stopped looked out to the river with my hands reaching up and just sang to my music!  Probably took a bit off my time there! I didn't care.

And then the horses came.  Are you one of the runners?  They were confused because I had a number and was all by myself.  Well, sort of, I said!!!  I got a little side tracked.
There they go! Alone again and loving it!

I turned around to head back hoping it would get me 6.2 miles when I crossed the finish line.  I passed Bonnie going the opposite way.  She went the right way and wanted to know if I had finished. Probably wondering why I was where I was.  Nope.  Didn't finish and there is a story.  I will tell you later.
Headed back to the finish line.
The last little trail and I did it my way.  I didn't get a full 6.2 miles.  I think about 6 miles.  Of course my time was great because I wasn't on trails for 1/2 of the race.  I can't really count it as a person record though.  I went from sad to joyful.  It was fun taking the road less traveled this time.  I don't really want to do it again though.
1/2 marathon finisher Freida.  I know their course is really hard.  It is not an easy 13.1 miles.  I am impressed with all those who completed it.  Each year I think I should sign up for the half and then I do the 10K, never mind.  I will stick to half marathons on the roads not trails.
Good bye Happy Girl 2017.  It was an adventure this year.  Never give up and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Until next year!!!!