Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Lathrop Style

The Lathrop Family made my birthday very special.  I got tears in my eyes when I drove up and saw this on the garage! A real old fashion birthday party for a 63 year old.  
 Lucy was trying to make me stay outside because the inside decorations weren't finished.
 Blocking the door.

 Everything was from the heart.  The best gifts anyone could get.
Kristin got me red licorice because it is my favorite.  Lucy asked if she could have some.  I didn't answer and guess what? Once it is open it is fair game.

 I love that Layne and Lucy help with everything.  The Lathrop family lives and breathes, Team Work!
 My favorites!

 We played a little Yahtzee.  Board games are the best!

 Kristin is putting the final touches on my taco dinner!  Yummy.

 Present time!  Handmade gifts and I could feel the love that was put into them.  The girls were anxious for me to open them.

 See!! LOVE!

 AND pop-its!  An all time favorite play thing!
 We used them all in the garage!  So fun.  Kristin reminded me I used to let them throw pop-its out the window of the car.  Really?

 Time to clean up so the new dog Shasta doesn't eat them.

 No video games here! Outside even though the weather was marginal.

 From Layne!
 And Lucy.  I love their initials in the corner!
 Angel Food Cake is the best birthday cake ever!!!
 Most people like the real thing but I like Cool Whip.
 Lucy's finger here but mine was in there too.

 Birthday heaven!

 Look at my angel food cake!  It almost fell off the plate.  I saved it!
 Way too much but boy it was good.  Angel food cake and strawberries!

Some more outdoor fun!  It was a special night for me.  Celebrating with the people I love and the birthday food I love!  What a gift every birthday is.  Life is a gift from God that we all to often take for granted.  Not on this day, not ever for me!