Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 Lathrops Style

Family is a gift and I got the greatest gift ever!  My family is, well I don't know how to describe them!  They are truly a precious gift from God.  Mike and I got to spend Thanksgiving with Kristin, Justin, Layne and Lucy.  We even had a visit from Justin's brother Jason.  Someday we might all be able to be together!
I knew Lucy cleaned her bedroom because she wanted me to come see it.  Turns out Layne helped with the project and I am sure it was a project.  The bedroom looked great.  Wild and Free.  So true.
 Then off to Layne's bedroom.  Always organized.
 Great positive messages in Layne's room.

Layne painted these and is going to hang them up in her room.  My mom painted and so did my grandmother.  Perhaps Layne will follow in their footsteps.
 Mike checked out Lucy's room too.  He learned all the names of her tiny stuffed animals.
 He even quizzed her to see if they were really all named.  They were.
 Cuteness.  They were both great helpers when it came to getting ready for dinner.

 A little snack before dinner.
 Layne labeled all our places at the table.
 We played a little basement volleyball before dinner.  No computers or video games for these girls.

 Not sure what this was all about.  I was just trying to get a nice picture of the two of them.  They were not very cooperative.

 OK, here we go! Much better!!!

 Mike was helper in the kitchen.  He loves to cook.
 It was a pretty warm day for November.  50 degrees and windy.  Jason brought his two dogs.  Puppies.  Layne and Lucy played with them a lot.  Run, run run as fast as you can.

 Dinner times!
 Justin had lost his wedding ring.  He actually lost it two times and Jason found the ring both times.  He brought it to Justin.
 Like mother like daughters.  Kristin just had to be eating for the picture.  She was surprised I took it but I did.  Should I eat again?  I am always eating when you take a picture.  Then the pose and the snap of the camera.
 Mike and Jason.
 The traditional after dinner nap.
 The nap didn't last long because it was game time.  Guess who you are!  Ask one question at a time to figure out the card on your head.

 Layne took notes so she would remember the answers to her questions.
 Mike thought that was a great idea. Kristin wanted to document it.

 What fun and so frustrating when you can't figure out what your card says.  Lots of laughs.
It was an enjoyable, delightful Thanksgiving.  If only I had been looking at the camera when it went off.  I really didn't want the night to end.  The really wonderful thing is we can do it again. I love my family.  All of them even if they were not with us on this night.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Volleyball Heaven with Layne

Oh my goodness.  The best!  I played a lot of volleyball and I love the sport.  So fun to watch Layne play! She is on the varsity at her middle school.  Number 1 Layne Lathrop! 

 Oh yeah!
 The dynamic duo.  Brooky and Layne!
 There they are again.  They play all their sports together.


 Nice pass!

That is Layne hitting the ball.  Number 31 apparently didn't know I needed her to move to get a great shot.
 Victorious.  Three games and three wins!

 I am really, really looking forward to watching Layne again.