Saturday, October 25, 2014

An Evening with the Lathrop Girls

No video games, no TV, no iPads!  Two little girls hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa having fun the old fashion way.  
We have a new piano player in the family.  She brought her music over so she could serenade us.  That she did and it was beautiful.  

 Lucy found Grandpa's birthday card from the Doolittles and thought it was pretty darn cool!
 Craft time.  Coloring pictures!
 We had a nice dinner cooked by Grandpa.  Layne and Lucy eat everything.  Even cucumbers! ICK.

 Back to drawing after dinner!
 Pumpkin carving at it's finest.
 Layne sketched her pumpkin face out before she was ready to carve.  So did Lucy and I, sort of!
Layne made ICKY Soup last time we did pumpkins.  The inside of the pumpkin with water added.  She asked Grandpa to taste it and he did.  This time Layne is trying it out.

 Two master minds.  Grandpa carving the pumpkin and Layne playing in the guts.

 I carved Lucy's pumpkin!  I have to say Mike is more skilled at this than I am.
 Here are the final products.  Layne's.
 Lucy's with a huge nose.

Posing by her pumpkin.  I promise there was no chance of Lucy catching on fire.  Looks like it in this picture though!
 We polished off the evening with checkers and more drawing.  What a great night.  We love these little girls so much.  Can't wait to do it again.

A Trip to Greenbluff!

I just wanted to get out in Mother Nature and see all the fall colors.  Mike and I decided Greenbluff would be a great way to spend some time together.  It was!  Precious time together! 

 First stop and the best stop!

 Of course I had to do this!

 Love the way the sun shines on the right of the picture!  That is Mike walking in the distance.
 The master at work, checking all the apples before he picks them and puts them in the bucket.

 They can't use the apples once they fall on the ground.  Mike has permission to come get some!
 We are on to the next place!  We didn't stay here long!

 2 different bands.  This band was playing old time Christian music!
Now we are at the biggest farm and it has tons of stuff for the kids to do.  Lots of food and way too many people!  We liked the smaller farms better.  
 The pumpkin patch was a busy spot!

 More fall colors!  We are on our way to the car!
We headed home and unpacked our apples!  I love spending time with Mike!  It was a good afternoon!  Greenbluff is beautiful!!!!  We live in a beautiful neck of the woods!  God's beauty shines brightly here!

Washington State Football September 2014

Nothing quite like college football.  It had been a long time since we had been down to Pullman to see the Cougs!  A co-worker of Mike's had extra tickets so off we went.  
 Nice Cougar head!
 Tailgating is big everywhere!

 Check out the things in the motor home's window!
 It was Dad's weekend!


 The Cougs were in good hands.  Love the hands on the net!

 Love to see this!  Praying together!  God is good!  This is soooo good!

 Cal had a prayer group too!

 Here we go!

Yes I did!  I stalked this young man.  I saw his shirt from a distance and went to talk with him.  I can't remember his name and I was really going to try and remember.  I waited too long to blog this.  He was at WSU the same time Steve was and had a ton of wonderful things to say about him.

This little boy was the son of Mike's co-worker.  Adorable, both of them.  Mike had a great time entertaining him!  They were buddies!

 Done for the night!

Well, the game didn't turn out very good but I loved spending time with Mike.  I don't think they hear all the coaching he does from the seats though.  Maybe if they did they would have won this game. Always! Go Cougs!