Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Pacer 2014

Here it is again!  The Pumpkin Pacer in Deer Park.  This is just fun!  Seeing all the kids and grownups in costumes.  The best part was getting together with my EAOD friends.  I was so looking forward to this time with them!  Great friends!  Speaking of friends...Dominic is doing his thing!  Taking registrations for the Pumpkin Pacer! If you read this Dominic can you see what is wrong with this picture of you? Let me know if you can!
 Frank too!  Helping with the shirts.  Dominic and his family, Frank!  So glad I know them!
These ladies too!  Thankful for their friendship.  Jackie (motorcycle rider), Sheila (herself), Bonnie (pumpkin), Michelle (spider), Deanna (cat), Judie (ghost)!

 Packet pick up!
 Look at this adorable little guy!
 Grandma and grandson finishing the kids race!
 Adorable fireman!
 Brrr! It was not horribly cold but cold enough.  This costume looks way to cold!
 It took me several minutes to get this picture.  They had to get the hair right! Hmmm!
 Seahawks everywhere!

 Even the dogs got to participate!

 Dominic still hard at work!
 Yes, she was cold!

The back of my costume!  I had to work hard for that patch on the back of my vest.  I am proud of it!  Proud to be a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association! Not really very active these days but that is OK!

 Getting close to the start!

 We are off!
 Beautiful fall colors.  Thanks God for creating this beauty!!!

 Sheila hiding!

 I tired to stand in front of everyone for the mile 2 picture.  I wasn't very successful.
I am much better behaved in this one. Although the black balloon up against my black outfit makes it look like I have a huge stomach.  I promise it is the balloon!
 This little guy ran past us tons of times.  Run, wait for someone, run again, wait, over and over!
I tried to kick up the leaves and take a picture.  No luck.  As I am typing this I realized I could have had someone else throw them up and I could take a picture.  20/20 hind site! DUH!

 Another Seahawks fan!  Teaching them young!  Good job.
 Deanna ran but came back to meet us.  She had to be in the mile three picture.  We take this race thing very seriously don't we! Stopping to take pictures.  
I was just starting to take a finish picture and guess who said, "You need a picture of me here." He was right.  Made the picture much better!
 At the end we were joined by the Lathrops minus one!
I wanted to get my traditional picture with Dominic but he was still busy and we got tired of waiting.  Tradition will have to start up again next year!  We are outta here! Off to lunch before Pumpkin Lane took over Deer Park!
 Here we go!  Frank and I can start a tradition!
 Lunch time! Delicious food! We earned every bite of it!
 Nice Kristin!  Look at Layne and Lucy!   What are you doing MOM!  Well, at least Layne!
Thought you might like a close up of Kristin sticking her tongue out!
 Lucy, a bundle of precious!
 And a bit of a poser!
 Layne, also a bundle of precious!

 This was part of Pumpkin Lane right outside our eating establishment!

 Bye, for now!  See you next year Pumpkin Pacer!  This was a great morning with friends and family!