Saturday, March 17, 2018

Experiencing God's Goodness on the Ski Hill!

Hawaiian Days at 49 Degrees North.  What a great day in so many ways!  Driving up to ski I noticed every little thing that God created around me.  I felt so much joy I felt the joy wanted to jump out of me!  It was a pretty awesome feeling.  God is so good and as I have said before He cares about every part of our lives.  I am so thankful!

Look who came to hang out with me at 49.  Tori!  That made my day even better!!!  
Raffle tickets and an auction.  I didn't win anything but that's OK because the money goes to help the ski patrol. 

 The event of the day.  The Slush Cup!  Getting it all ready.  Wait until you see what they do here.
The chairlift view of the Slush Cup.  I don't often pull my phone out on the chair lift but I couldn't help myself!

 The first few days I ski in a season I like to take pictures because it is so beautiful.  I really don't need to take pictures every time I go but I just have to.  God created this for us and it is magnificent!

 New skis this year!  I am starting to really like these skis.  Easy to maneuver and they float through all different type of snow conditions.  Wider and a little longer than my others but a good change.  I might even be able to ski a little faster on these.
 She found me!
 I think it was more crowded on the deck than it was on the hill.  The BBQ was going!

 Now the Slush Cup.  Check out these videos!  I have watched this several times and have never seen so many make it across the pool.

I took a lot of pictures!  Here are a few!  It was so fun to watch.  I think the people that do this are brave and a little crazy.  Cold, cold cold if you don't make it across!  We cheered when the people made it across and we cheered when they didn't.  
 Here we go!
 Made it!

 All kinds of outfits!
 Going, going!
 Gone! She didn't make it!  There were two people in wet suits that came and grabbed the people that didn't make it across the pool.  The skis or snowboards weigh them down and it is cold.  They are out of the water fast!
 A panda!
 The panda got wet! Really, really wet!

You could tell this boy got a little scared.  He was out of the water quickly.

 The children had a harder time getting across.  They couldn't get enough speed up going down the hill.  You could tell if they weren't going to make it!


What a great day!  Thanks for joining me Tori.   You made the day better.  I love to ski.  I know God's creation is all around me every day but I feel extra close to God when I am skiing in His mountains!!!

How Great Thou Art! The Roadshow 2018

Oh what a night praising our good, good God! Mathew West, Natalie Grant, Zach Williams, Bethel Music and For King and Country.  
Well, I only got to take 2 pictures with my camera.  We went through security and I had to take my camera back to the car.  I can put different lenses on my camera and that is a no, no I guess.  Then at the concert the performers said they wanted everyone taking pictures and posting them.  Guess they had to be cell phone pictures.  It was a little traumatic but I survived. My picture taking just wasn't the same. 
Mike got comfy while we waited to go in.  He is so handsome! We had a fast pass so we didn't have to wait in line for hours. 

 Now cell phone pictures!
 How Great Thou Art!  Click to listen to a little of the song.
Bethel Music was great but didn't play long enough.  Familiar songs because we sing them at Zion Spokane.  That's the thing, when there are multiple artists you don't hear any of them for a long time.

 Zach Williams.  I wasn't familiar with many of his songs but he was great!

 Natalie Grant was good but she just sang way to loud.
 Oh, so good to see so many people praising God.  If everyone that was at the concert would bring one person to Jesus it was change the world. It would be like dominoes! Let's do it.

 Matthew West is a favorite of mine.

It's Time for Us To Do Something!

 Grace Wins EVERY time!
 Matthew West had his father come up and pray for the crowd.

If people can go crazy at sporting events they for sure can do this praising God! This is our War Cry. It felt so so good!