Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy Girl Trail Run Sept 2016

Lets just start with the finish! We all made it! Half marathon, 10K and 5K.  Trail runs are way different from road races.  There are obstacles like rock (lots of them), trees and even horses this year.  It's challenging which makes it really fun! The fall scenery was amazing as always! I love Spokane! I said I wanted to do the 1/2 marathon next year.  As I was doing the 10K I reconsidered.  I think I will stick with the 10K unless I change my mind.  Here we are! Looking pretty good for just finishing a hard trail run!  
They did it! So proud of these two ladies!  They picked a really tough half marathon to do and they finished it!  I know my 10K was challenging, especially the last hill at the end of the course.  Can't imagine doing that hill at 12 miles!
Now the before pictures!

This is my close personal friend Aaron!  I see him once a year! He is the Happy Girl Run.  I have done three Happy Girl Runs and it is now a tradition that we have to keep up, taking our picture together.  Picture number 3! The first year I probably talked his ear off and then I asked him if we could take our picture together.  So it began!
 Half marathoners!
 Freida and we have three 1/2 marathoners!

It was cloudy and a bit cool to start the day but it turned out to be a perfect fall day.  Los of activity and fun!

 Freida is off and running!
 So is Wendy and her friend!  Waving and blowing kisses!
Nothing better than family!
 The knee replacement club right here!!!!  Bonnie has two new knees and I have one new knee!
 Off we go!

You just can't beat this scenery! The Spokane River and the leaves are just starting to turn beautiful fall colors.
 I had to be careful taking pictures because of these things.  Lots of them.

 Stay on the trail so you don't tumble down to the river!

 We went around this tree not over it!
 And here they are! Horses!  There was some sort of get together for riders in the same area.  You had to be careful where you stepped and not just because of the rocks and the skinny trails.

 Lots of hills!  They look so innocent don't they.  For the most part they were short and steep.  Lots of them.
 Things were opening up a bit.
 I had my sites on this set of women.  Yes, I passed them and about  3 other groups.
 Here we go again but not rocks! Up and Up!
 I was on the home stretch here!  Just finished the longest hill.
 Heading to the finish line.  With my knee I can actually run but I am not supposed to.  Gotta keep that joint for the rest of my life.  I did a little bit of jogging on the trail but not much.  I did run across that finish line with zero pain.  I love it!

 I always think about my ruptured brain aneurysm when I cross finish lines.  I am so grateful for the miracle I received and that I can hang out with my friends and do these events.  I will never take it for granted.  Never!  God is great!
 Well, here is a finish picture at the end where it is supposed to be! Frieda looking good after 13.1 miles.
 She is even smiling!  It was a great day with great friends.  It's Good to be Alive!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Walk to Defeat ALS 2016 Team Gleason

Yes, we walked as Team Gleason but today we were walking for Steve, a father and a father-in-law and every person that has been diagnosed with ALS.  The disease with no cure and no real treatment! That seems unimaginable in this time.  That is why it is so important to raise money and support the Walk to Defeat ALS.  I look forward to the day that someone shouts out," I found it."  I found a way to stop the progression of ALS and found a way to reverse the symptoms.  The sooner the better.

I was so concerned about my Team Gleason not having many members this year and look at this.  Wow! Thank you all for coming.  You don't know how much it means to me.  There is even a tall gray haired guy on the right that came this year.  Mike Gleason!  He was glad he did and he is motivated to do some recruiting next year.  I have the best friends ever!!!!!  I think we had almost everyone in this picture! 
 No White Flags!

 Ready to get started with a few words from someone who is living with ALS.

 Aaron just lost his father to ALS in July!
 OK, this is adorable.  Sound asleep!
 The fearless leader Rick Meeks!
 Mishael Scott and family!
Here we go.  I love Spokane!  So beautiful!
 Alicia and David!

Mike with Jessica.  Jessica started Blessings Under the Bridge and today Jessica and her husband manage it all.  Jessica started by taking her tips, making a few meals and taking them to the homeless. She felt God telling her to keep it up and now it has grown and grown.  You can't go wrong when the path you take is the path God wants you on.  It isn't always easy but it will be awesome.  We all know awesome ain't easy!

 Alicia's bracelet!
Live, love and serve!  Exactly right and what we are called to do as Christians! 
These two girls, that were in my class years ago, have grown up to be beautiful women!  So glad they came to the walk! Shannon and Cassie!
 My fellow Bible study buddies.  Sharon, Vivianne and Anne!
 David, Alicia and Darcie and her family.
 3 miles almost in the books!
Now it is time to visit and take some more pictures!  I am so glad Mike came with me this year!  He will come next year too!  XO

 Mike text these two about 90 minutes before check in and told them about this.  They showed up!
 Two J's! Jackie and Jessica!
I am saying thank you again.  I had a great time and was so happy about the Team Gleason turn out.  Thank you, thank you!

I was disappointed that the walk was so small this year.  Maybe because it got cancelled last year?  Maybe because of the time of the year?  Who knows!  This I know, I am going to do some serious recruiting next year.  We have to find a cure for ALS.

A few of us did our usual coffee/food run after the walk.  No food pictures this time.  Shannon, Cassie, Sheila and I checked out a street fair by Rocket Bakery.  Nothing to buy but they did have the world best scones there.  That's what the man in the booth said.  I did not taste them but Sheila did and she did not think they were the worlds best.