Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jingle Bell 5K December 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!  A great day for the Jingle Bell 5K complete with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus!  
Well, I am not sure I would want to cover a 5K connected by a sweater.  I wonder if they took it off after they got started.  One sweater, two people!   
We found Susan! A fellow teacher at MAE!
And her lovely daughter Sara who was a student of mine at one time.
Great weather, the sun was shining and there was a chill in the air.  Lots of people turned out for sure.
Here go the kids running with Santa's elves.  When they started Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was playing.  Precious.
Well, here we are!
Susan and her group!
Now Sara was added!

Snowmen or women!  There were lots of great costumes.
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Even the dogs dressed up!

I tried to edit and get the sun darkened but no luck.  You get the idea!

Here we go!  I was a bit disappointed that we did not get Christmas music when we started like the kids did.  Adults like Christmas music too.

As always, Spokane doesn't disappoint.

Gonzaga University!
The home stretch!

The end for Sheila and I!  We didn't see Bonnie and Michelle so we hatched a plan.
Not sure Santa would have approved of our plan!
The deal is when your friends have no idea that you are concocting a great plan to mess with them and they don't even notice the implementing of the plan it becomes a big disappointment.  The sneaking around planning was the best part.

We decided to watch for Bonnie and Michelle and we would sneak up right behind them and finish again.  We thought this was a great idea.  Brilliant! We hide behind all these benches so they wouldn't see us.  Were we hiding good enough?  What would we say to them when we showed up right behind them? Would we tell them it was the second time we finished?  Would they ask any questions about finishing twice?  Who knew! Marvelous plan!
That's them! No it's not! Is that them?  Is that Michelle's bright coat?
Finally we see them.  We sneak behind them slowly.  We finish right behind them and what happened next?  They never looked back, they never looked for their friends Sheila and Jackie.  They went straight to the bathrooms.  Epic fail on our part or was it and epic fail on their part for not looking for their friends to see if they finished? We need a better plan next time!
Another fun day with my EAOD (Elite Athletes Only Different) friends!  Exercise, great weather and the Claus family.  What more could I ask for!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Well, We Had Fun Spending the Day Together! Apple Cup 2016

The newspaper titled the article in the newspaper Black Friday.  Accurate, if you are only talking about the football game.  We had a great time being at WSU in the drizzly, cold weather watching football and being together.  Just being in the atmosphere was great most of the time.  We got to the stadium pretty early thankfully and did some walking around.  We heard lots of stories of people coming even a little later than we did and being in a backup starting in Colfax which is about 15 miles from Pullman. 
 Tell me you are taking the picture next time Mike.
 The atmosphere was full of energy before the game started!  It was great fun!

 Look who we found at the Cougar store.  Katie and her lifelong friends, Katie S., Theresa, and Megan.  
 Blurry but I still added it! Family!
Also blurry but I love this picture!
 And here is the gang!
Pete stopped Mike as we were walking back to our car to get our game day gear on.  Pete went to school with Steve.  Mike was his baseball coach in grade school.
 Just taking some pictures on the way back to the car before the game.
 Tailgating at its finest.

 Go Cougs!
We found Santa Claus!  I sat next to a little boy at the game.  He was 6 years old.  Wyatt was his name. I was looking through my pictures and he was watching me.  I showed him the picture below and his eyes opened really wide!  Santa is here?  Yes, I said.  What did he say?   I said not much.  I just asked him if I could have a picture with him.  Santa said, Ho Ho Ho and yes.  He was silent and then said, Santa said, HO HO HO? Yes I said!  Wyatt just said, WOW!  About 15 minutes later I was looking through my pictures again and Wyatt was watching.  I said, You want to see the picture of Santa don't you? Yes!  I showed it to him again.  Wyatt asked a bunch of questions.  It was adorable.  He did not understand why Santa would be at a Cougar game.  He was so very excited that he was at the game and wanted to know where he was.  I told him I didn't know.  The last question he asked me was one he repeated several times.  Why Santa was at the game? I said he was probably a Cougar fan.  Wyatt nodded once and said, Yes he probably is.  That was the end of our Santa conversation.

 Seniors were introduced!
 The band played and everyone was excited!

 Here come the Couuuuuuuuugs with their mascot Butch!

 Cracraft was injured and wasn't able to play in this Apple Cup.  He raised the Cougar flag!

The game starts and so ends all the excitement at least for the Cougar fans.  There were a few glimmers of hope during the game but none of them panned out.
 Lots of actions shots!
 Number 34 is still on the field but it isn't a Gleason jersey now! We saw Steve on the big screen a couple of times.

 Well, here it is! A touchdown.  The Cougs needed a few more of these.

 The Cougs are back after halftime.  Maybe this half will be different.  It wasn't!
 I would not want to get hit by the Husky following Falk!

 This didn't work!
It was a great season and it isn't over yet.  Mike and I had fun just being there and yes it would have been better if the Cougars had one or at least made it a close game.  It is always a good time being in Pullman watching some football especially if Mike and I are together.  We have a lot of great memories at game in Pullman.  A game here was actually one of our first dates, even though we didn't call it a date.  It was.  Go Cougs!