Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bolder Boulder 10K

Ready, set, go!  Bolder Boulder 10K is about to happen!
We took the bus to the start line.  If you take your own car you have to deal with more traffic and you park at least 1 mile away from the start line.  You have to walk to the start line.  The buses are great.  Fast, on time and simple.
As we were walking to the start line my friends saw a place to get free beer.  Run with the sticker on and come back to the starting area for a free beer after the race.  Kat and Freida took advantage of that while the rest of us rode the bus back to the hotel. 
 Lots of porta potties and of course you must take pictures of them.
 Everything is a competition.  Which line would move faster?
 Hmmm, who is going to win! Bonnie and Kat or Freida, Jackie and Keri!
 The victors.
 There was no prize!
 We have made it to our start line!

 A trumpet and a blast from a gun start every wave.  

 They always start each wave exactly on time.  I usually take a picture of the clock but it wasn't running.  Disappointing! There was a clock off to the side but I didn't notice it until I passed it. Our wave started exactly on time.
 All kinds of characters along the way!
 The setting is beautiful.
Every time there was a band these people stopped and danced to the music.
 We saw them a few times but they got ahead of us so no more pictures.
 There were three slip and slides along the course and people actually stopped to slip and slide.

 And of course your neighborhood belly dancers!
 A virtual rest stop which was not particularly helpful!
 Marshmallows and sunscreen!

 God Bless America! Where did he find that outfit?

Elvis is in the house.  He always is at Bolder Boulder.  He doesn't stop singing for picture taking!

 The neighborhood party!
 Just a little stop for some football!

 More free beer.  Bonnie just about got sucked into this.
 She didn't want to wade through the crowd to get a beer.
 Chariots of Fire was playing!
 Doritos anyone?  They had real ones!
 So true!
 This was new to me!  Come on and jump in!

Bonnie and Keri joined these dancers! 

 Another slip and slide!

 Run Like United Airlines Wants Your Seat!
There is always a rumble about this hill.  It is nothing compared to our Doomsday Hill.  Breathing gets harder as the elevation is above a mile!

 Dancing cows and Bonnie!

 We know we are getting close to the end when we get to the free cupcakes.

 The music is great along the course! Lots of different kinds of music!

We are headed to the finish line.  A lap around the track at the University of Colorado stadium!  This is so fun.  Lots of finishers are already in the stadium!

 It was a great day for a race.  The clouds are heading our direction though!

 Entering the stadium!  This is always a bit emotional!

 After you cross the finish line you head in to the huge field house to get all the goodies!  Food, water, pop, beer all included with our race fee!
 We watched and cheered as people finished!

 Indiana Jones in front of the rock!

 Last but not least as they clear the course for the professional runners.

The professional runners go last.  It is amazing to watch them cross the finish line.  The USA runners got huge receptions!

This was so close and we were all cheering so loudly for the USA runner who is in the second position.  So exciting to watch!

 The Memorial Day Ceremony!

Three Veterans were honored.  The told their stories and the stories with videos were broadcast on the big screen.  You really realize freedom isn't free after listening to their stories.  
 A fly over.  I got it!
 These young people all joined the military on the field!
At the end of the ceremony the flag of each branch of the military is parachuted into the stadium.  Everyone knows they are coming and look to the sky to watch them drop from the plane.  It is pretty spectacular.  The song from each branch is played at they drop from the plane.

God Bless America played as we watched our country's flag enter the stadium.  Lots of singing going on!

 As we left the stadium Proud to be an American was playing!
As we walked back to the bus and during the race we saw lots of theses.  People running in honor of a veteran that was perhaps a close friend or family member.

We did not get any rain.  That happened afterwards.  Bolder Boulder didn't disappoint!  It was a weekend to remember.  Family and friends to share the weekend experience with this time.  Saying goodbye to the Doolittles for now but they are closer now.  We get to see them more often.  For sure in October for the Rock and Roll!