Saturday, December 31, 2016

Skiing in a Winter Wonderland Sort of! December 26,2016

Mike and I headed up to 49 Degrees North on the Monday after Christmas. It was so good to have Mike join me this time.  We got out the door on time and arrived about 30 minutes after opening.  This is the rope tow.  I have used these.  A long time ago!
 Learning to ski can be a challenge but well worth it.
 A little help goes a long way.
 I was enjoying being in the mountains pulling out my phone to take some pictures of the snow and mountains!
 Little did I know that this day wouldn't end well at all.

 Corduroy snow.  I love the sound it makes as you go over it.  I search it out.
 We stopped for lunch.  Mike stayed in the lodge and I took a few more runs.  I wasn't at all tired and needed to be out on the hill some more.
 More pictures! So beautiful.  I would just stop and breathe it in for awhile.

 I was coming back to the lodge taking my favorite run.  Again I was not tired at all.  I would have come in the lodge with my new knee if I would have been tired.  I was just cruising down and almost to the bottom taking big swooping turns and CRASH!  I haven't crashed like that in years.   I caught the edge of my ski and remember the back of my head hitting the snow and my knee twisting in an un-natural way.  My skis did not pop off. A couple of people asked if I was OK and I said yes.  I realized I only had one pole with me.  The next person got my pole for me and helped me get my skis off.  I tried to stand up and my knee collapsed. He got help for me.
 I tried to negotiate not going on the sled but I was not successful.  I did get my phone out to take a pictures so not in much pain yet.
 My first visit to 49 Degrees North first aid room and Mike took some pictures.

 I was shaking I was so cold so I got my Santa hat and some hot chocolate.  Still not a lot of pain but some.  It hit later that night.  Very nice people helping me!
Ski season is probably over for me.  The doctor said my knee was very loose.  I know that because it wants to collapse.  It doesn't but it feels like it could.  MCL tissue for sure and possibly an issue with my ACL.  That does not make me happy because I popped my ACL on the right knee.  It doesn't seem as bad as the other knee so I am hopeful.  MRI coming soon!  That will tell the whole story.  This picture is a bit of a contradiction.   My new snowshoes and crutches.  Hmmmm!
Lots of ice in my future and it is not the kind of ice you find on a ski hill.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

I got the white Christmas I wanted!  

We tried something different this year.  We went to the children's service at 4:00 PM.  Oh my!  Both of us were teary watching these children act out the story of Jesus' birth.  It started with a candle lighting and scripture reading. 

 Unique spins on the traditional Christmas Carols.

 Here they go!

 Singing and acting!

 We three kings!
 The best part ever and always, candles and Silent Night!

After church we headed up to the Kilgores to celebrate Christmas with Justin, Kristin, Layne and Lucy.  Julie's tree is always fabulous.

One of the kids said a prayer before they ate.  Then as we were getting ready to eat the kids were all singing Christmas songs.  A beautiful sound!
Justin and Kristin.


Lucy got an award because she can swim all the way around the dock at the Bead Lake cabin.  She can now be on the dock without a life vest when an adult is there.  Great system for keeping all safe.
Layne is waiting for her turn!

There was a height contest between two of the guys!  MEN! Really?
Kids present exchange!

All the cousins in their new jammies!
The adults had an ornament exchange!

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.  Remember the green jello with cat food in it.  Well, Julie made some for fun and guess who ate it.  Layne challenged Mike and he couldn't say no!  If you want Mike to do something throw out a challenge.  It works almost every time. Gross!
Going in for another bite!  Really gross!  There is never a dull moment with this man.
Time to say goodbye for the night.  See you later!
This goes right along with the cat food eating.  We got a present delivered from Cabelas and check out the name on the label.  My life is rarely dull with Mike.  
Santa Claus woke me up at 6:15 AM.   What?  I am not 6 anymore.  But you love Christmas Jackie!  Yes, but I could wait to love it until 7 or 8!  Rarely dull, I told you.  I started the cranberries.  They need to cool anyway before dinner.

Yes, Mike requested an apron with a funny saying on it.  He got it.  The hat was not a request but I got it for him anyway.  Pretty cool get up!  Rarely dull!
AHHH,  a new Santa hat.  Mine disappeared somewhere a couple of years ago.  It's a good one.

Snow shoes!  I tried them out in the backyard.  Good stuff!

There is a story here.  I got this for Mike.  When I had my aneurysm Mike was asking God to give him hope.  He thought he would get some food and then look up hope verses in the Bible.  Just then he got a text from Dave.  Dave said it was on his heart to send him this scripture verse.  No coincidence here.  Just another way God had us in the palm of his hand during pretty awful time.
The chef in action!
We had a great turkey dinner with all the fixings.  Happy Birthday Jesus!  I thank God for sending his Son for us.  I love Christmas for so many reasons!