Sunday, July 5, 2015

Keri's 40th Birthday Party Deer Park Style

How in the world has this happened?  My oldest daughter Keri is turning 40 years old.  I know the kids hear this all the time but it goes by way too fast and ... "wasn't I just 40!"  It is true. Time goes fast especially after you have children.  After you have children you have a visual measurement of time passing that you don't notice when it is just yourself.  You have these precious little babies that you watch grow into adults and it goes fast!  It won't be long and Little Lucy Jean will be graduating from high school so it is time to enjoy the spunky little girl she is right now.  Same goes for celebrating Keri!  40 years of watching a little baby grow into a beautiful adult!  I am so very proud of her!
Sarah Morrison surprised Keri!
And the family starts to gather.
Steve and Mike deep in conversation.
This is a great place for a birthday party.  Thanks to Justin and Kristin for offering their home for the party.  It was perfect.


Music was playing just to add to the perfect party.  Kristin and Katie decided to show us their dance moves.  This should be a video.  It was pretty darn good!

Keri, Mark, Ryland and Easton arrived and the water fight started.  It is so fun to just watch and listen to the love and laughter!

Some more serious conversation!

Let's dump the water on Layne!

Mark catered a taco dinner.  It was perfect!

Ryland does a great job smiling for the camera.  Might have something to do with the fact his mom is a photographer!
Dinner time!

The birthday girl!

Easton didn't really want to take time to eat.  I just wanna have fun!

They planned this picture sabotage!
Outdoor games!

Everyone got involved in this game!  They teamed up and competed!

Something very serious is happening here I think.  Not sure what it is!
Mike's turn!

Whew! A moment of rest!

Keri and Mike!
Here they are!  Sweetness and love all in one place!

Let's do this some more!

Don't you wish you knew what they were talking about.  God only knows and that is probably a good thing.

Birthday time!  40 years old!

Nice shot Mike!


Oh yes! The highlight of the gifts!  A box full of candy and other things from 1975.  We had more fun with the wax lips and candy cigarettes.  Everyone got in on the action.

This is a favorite of mine!

Party poppers are next!

Mom and daughters!
Yes, the lips are upside down.  More style that way!

These pictures were taken at Layne's softball game.  I didn't want to take the time to move them so here they are!

Yes, Mike too!  Haven't seen him laugh so hard in a long time!
Keri is usually the one that has a bee dance when she sees a bee but Kristin is the one this time that had the bee face!  I am not sure why Keri was so calm but the picture was snapped just when the bee arrived around Kristin!
Father and daughter!
An ice break for my knee!  Knee replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago!
More candy cigarette fun!  I learned that when the girls were young and we went to the lake I always told the girls not to get candy cigarettes.  They did and just ate them before I could discover them.   Naughty! 

What a great party!  Thanks again for Kristin and Justin hosting it.  It was great family time to celebrate a beautiful woman that I call my daughter!