Sunday, July 26, 2015

Visiting the NOLA Gleasons in Idaho

Monday night movies...Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!  Rivers and Mike look very intense don't they?

Saturday we took the trip to Idaho to see the family!  I do not know how Rivers is holding his head up with that giant helmet on!

 A beautiful setting as usual.
 Inside and out!

 Rivers is all hugs when you first arrive but if you want a picture later you have to snag him.

Icing my knee taking pictures of the fireplace.  It was a bit chilly because a storm was rolling through.
 Michel and Rivers!

 Game time for the group!
 Not sure what was happening here!

 Bo wore this helmet for a couple of hours. Truly he did!

We took a little walk so I could move my leg/knee! I love the Pacific Northwest.  It is filled with God's beauty everywhere you turn!

 One last ice and off to home!

This is the bear trap.  Rivers loves it.  Mike is the bear and Michel is rescuing Rivers!  Rivers wants to be rescued and then asks Grandpa Mike to do it again.
 Headed home!

 Small town Washington! Newport, Washington.  Love it!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Summer Fun with the Doolittles and the Lathrops

4th of July fun watching fireworks.  The pictures were sent to me because I could not go because of knee joint replacement surgery.  
 Love, love, love, love these kids!

The 5th of July.  Keri, Mark, Ryland and Easton went swimming in the Doolittle's pool.  I came to spectate.  No swimming for me after surgery.  
 Mike was checking out the garden.
 So relaxed!
 Ryland and Easton are learning to dive!

 Easton and Ryland trying to share the alligator!