Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mike and Jackie at Greenbluff

I just want to get out into nature, out of the house and spend time with Mike, just the two of us.  Greenbluff here we come!  It was a beautiful day.  The leaves on the trees were starting to change colors, the sky was blue and there was a slight breeze.  Best of all I was with my favorite companion, Mike!
There was really nothing new this year but it always reminds me of the beautiful place we live in.  October is always crowded at Greenbluff, lots of people, lots of things to eat and buy.  The best part is the beauty and the simplicity of it all.  Horse rides, corn mazes, pumpkin donuts, quaint musicians, apples, pumpkins and lots of families!

 This is one of the small bands playing at one of the farms.

 This is the biggest production for sure.  The Harvest House!
 Gotta have a picture of the old country store.
 We listened to these two a lot.  Great music!

 Love seeing the leaves turn colors!  Winter is just around the corner.  My favorite season!
This is Mt. Spokane which used to be my home.  I look forward to seeing it white!  Won't be long now!
This was the first time I tried a pumpkin donut.  It was great but too much sugar.  They make them while you wait so next time I will request no sugar.
 Horse rides for the kids!
 These horses are taking a rest.
 Ah, just what I needed!  Thanks to God for making our home so beautiful.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Newsboys Concert Septemeber 2015

God's Not Dead, He's surely Alive, He's living on the inside roaring like a Lion!  There was a lot of roaring at this concert.  Talented musicians singing to spread God's love and friends that can't be beat.  What a great night!  Bonnie, me, Michelle, and Sheila.  
Add Freida to the mix and the gang is complete!

I had never heard of Ryan Stevenson.  He was really good and I would buy his music!

Hawk Nelson was up next.  I thought Hawk Nelson was one person but it is the name of the band.  The lead singer asked how many of us thought it was one person.  A lot of us.  This band was full of energy.  Lots of jumping (I did some jumping and ouch the next day) and singing.  So, so fun to watch and listen to! 
I was more familiar with Hawk Nelson.  I have their song Drops in the Ocean on my favorites play list.  "If you wanna know how far my love can go, just how deep, just how wide, look at my hands, look at my side!"  You should listen to the song, it is great!

Praising God! This concert was sold out!

And then the bubbles!  We were right up front and got pelted with bubbles.  I was a little to the left of the bubble machine so I had fun watching Freida and Sheila trying to get away from the bubbles.

A stage change.  We were sitting close.  This is a picture of Bonnie, Michelle, Sheila and Freida from the back.
And here they come! The Newsboys!  Wow!  So much familiar music which makes listening extra fun.  You can sing too!  My voice was shot after this concert!

Your Love Never Changes!

It was so very cool to hear the whole crowd singing this song together.  Powerful!  I bet God was smiling!
He was amazing.  Funny, faithful, talented!

This was scary to watch.  After the drum platform lifted it started spinning around.  I am glad the drummer was belted in!

The end!  I just love seeing hundreds of Christians together praising God.  I often wonder if we all went out and spread the word to a couple of people how the world would change.  You have a high when you leave and it is nothing like how you will feel when you arrive in heaven.  Newsboys are doing their part in sharing how great and merciful God is.  I need to do the same thing in whatever way I can.  We all do.  The news is too good not to share!  I believe!
Click on the link to listen to a little of