Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Last Day of the Season with the Lathops

Let's see, should I do school work after the spring break.  Should I go to church like I always do or should I go to Schweitzer with my daughter and family.  Mike can handle our duties at church, school work can get done later!  I am going!

 Gotta love Layne in this picture!  Layne is the one standing up.
 Now we are heading up the hill!
 Sometimes iPhone pictures are blurry but these are just too cute not to add!

We are ready to go.  The pictures are a bit out of order.  I did take some ski pictures before lunch but the next set are the lunch pictures.
If you look closely you can see my back is all wet.  I took a spill and then did some sliding on my back.  My coat was unzipped because it was an awesome beautiful day.  What happens when you fall and your coat isn't zipped?  Snow up the back. Brrr.  This fall cut my day a little short but I got plenty of fun in!
 Sandwich mustaches are all the rage.
 If one does it the other has to join in.

 Rest time for about 2 minutes while the girls gear up to head out again.
 Lucy is ready!
These are the pictures I took.  I did not enhance the color of the sky!  It was beautiful!!!

 See the lake in the background?
 Justin and Layne!
 Kristin and Lucy.

 This is a better view of the lake!
The rest of these are professional pictures.  I saved the best for last.  They were up on the top of the hill taking pictures and you could purchase them if you wanted to.  I did!

It was so much fun getting to ski with the Lathrops.  Layne and Lucy are incredible skiers.  Justin and Kristin are too.  We ski at different ski area now so it was fun to have a day with them.  Love you all. I am blessed beyond measure!

Sleep Over with the Lathrops Girls

I didn't take a lot of pictures.  Shock! We had a great time with the tickle monster (Mike) Friday night.  Mobius Science Center and a movie on Saturday.  Precious girls! These pictures are all from the Mobius Science Center.