Monday, August 8, 2016

A Night to Remember, Ken Griffey Jr.

 Sometimes you just have to be there to really know what something is like.  This was one of those times.  The music, cheering, videos, laughter, happy tears, speakers and Ken Griffey Jr. himself.  A blog post can't really show the feelings that were in the ballpark that night.  This was a night to remember forever! So glad I got tickets to be here in person.  Nothing like it.
We made it into the stadium and the inside was like the outside.  Crowded!  

 We made it!  We were early for sure.  The Angels were still having batting practice.
 The field and the stadium were adorned with Ken Griffey Jr.
 Batting practice on 24!
 Katie, Jackie, Sheila!  Ready to go!
 Yes, there are tons of pictures and I did delete some of them.  I could have deleted more but...I didn't!  I want to remember it all!

 The person that sang the National Anthem was so very good.  Katie and I both teared up listening and singing.
 The set up begins for the big ceremony.
 His number will be retired in the Mariners organization.  This is his genuine Hall of Fame plaque.
 The airplanes were even flying number 24!
 The special guests were getting in place.

 Tonights going to be a good night! I took a video of the song with these lyrics.  Tried to post it 3 times and the video won't show.  Just sing it to yourself!
 Here he comes from the center field.  He walked all the way in with music playing and people cheering.  It was electrifying.  I took a video but it is so shaky it is hard to watch.  I was just fine, I wasn't excited at all!

 Greeting Rick R.
 His wife and daughter were at the ballpark with him.  His boys were at football practice.
 And here come the special guests!
 Dan Wilson, Jay Buhner!
 Edgar headed back to the dugout to work!

 Largent and Cortez from the Seahawks.

 Oh this was good! Willie Mays who also wore number 24 did a video clip to congratulate Ken Griffey Jr.  He ended it saying he tried to call Griffey to congratulate him for his induction into the Hall of Fame.  Griffey did not answer his phone and Willie Mays said, "Call me back.".
 Guess who picked up his phone and called Willie Mays!  It was a great moment!  Lot's of laughter!

 A glove was bronzed and presented to Griffey!
 And this is the moment.  Griffey's number will hang next to Jackie Robinson's number at Safeco Field from this day on! Griffey's daughter did the unveiling.  And the crowd went wild!

 Now it is Ken Griffey Jr. up to the plate!

 The talk is done and now it is picture time!

 My Oh My! This was emotional.  What a thrill for all the ballplayers.  He gave every one a hug!

 Mariner Team Picture!

 Whew!  They even thew in some Field of Dreams music!  Yes, teary.  I love baseball!
 I tucked my camera away and then realized there was a baseball game to be played.  I took it back out and took some pictures of the players.

 Love this picture.  The ball flew off the bat and I got it!  Lucky.

 The sun is starting to set on Safeco Field.
 Bases loaded!

 So I have a tradition of taking pictures here before every game.  There was no way I was going to let that tradition die.  Especially after my daughters took these very same type of pictures when they were in Seattle and I was at Harborview Medical Center.  No way I was going to miss that.  We left the game and around the corner we go.  There was a slight problem though.
 People drink during a game and after a game they are drunk and feel free to invade any picture.  So here he is!  He kept saying his girlfriend would kill him if she knew what he was doing.  I wanted to go find her.  He wasn't easy to get rid of.  He was having fun!

 This little pat on the head was accompanied with, "It's time for you to go."  He did!
 Katie knows what is happening here and so do we!
 Oh, yes and the baseball glove.
 Good bye Safeco Field, Good Bye Ken Griffey Jr.  Thanks for the memories.