Sunday, September 14, 2014

ALS Walk 2014

First I want to say I cleaned my the lens on my camera.  Sorry for the white spots on faces and bodies.  It is cleaned off now so no more of this!

Mistake number one today.  Bonnie told me Gonzaga was here.  I looked at these uniforms and said no they aren't.  Those guys aren't the football players from Prep.  Of course I went over to talk with them and saw the Gonzaga on their jerseys.  I said you guys aren't football players, right?.  Nope we are baseball players.  We don't have a football team.  What?  Yes, you do (thinking of Prep), no we don't a player said.  No football team! I patted him on the cheek thinking he was messing with me and said, "Oh, you are so cute!  Yes, you do have a football team." No we don't.  Then it dawned on me I was talking to a college student that played baseball at Gonzaga University.  Opps so sorry for the cheek pat and not believing you!  Did I feel sort of silly and embarrassed?  Yes!  Nice guys all of them.  They were there to help with the walk.  Oh, brother!!!

 Here is Team Gleason for the walk.  These are the Gonzaga Prep football players!
 No white flags!
Silly picture but I don't think the players are doing the silly thing, at least not many.  Michelle and I are though!
 Added Cheryl and Shannon!

 This is Henry!  Is he cute or what.  He paid us a visit!

 The walk is getting started!
 Our turn for our official walk picture!
 Jennifer the boss!

 Hi Judie and Nancy!

 A band this year.  Nice!!!
 After picture missing a few folks!

 Trish wanted her picture taken with Otto.  She was shy so I pulled her over for a shot.  She said I traumatized her.  Does she look traumatized!  I think not!
Our traditional coffee and treats after any event. 

I want to say a big thank you too all of you that came and supported ALS today.  Your friendship is precious!  Thank you!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Priest Lake Date with Mike

I think this blog post speaks for itself.  We started at Priest Lake and went up to the Upper Priest Lake.  We have a great God that created a beautiful place for us to enjoy together.  Loved spending the day with you Mr. Mike Gleason!

I tried to grab how the depth of the lake changes so fast.  Off in the distance you can see a line of lighter colored water.  It is more green than the rest.

 We stopped here for lunch!

 Amen!  Thank you God!!