Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Elite Athletes Only Different at the Happy Girls Run

There is fun and there is FUN!  We had such a great time at the Happy Girls Run.  It wasn't our typical on the pavement run.  It was challenging and beautiful.  This is Aaron from Happy Girls! I love making new friends.  
We were all smiles before the race.  Such a beautiful day with a bunch of great friends.  God is so good!
Yes, you do Amanda! You sparkle.  She was doing a short thirteen miles before her marathon next weekend.
 Mandi, Melanie, Patti, Mandy and Michelle!
 Silly faces, some more than others!
 Add me, Jackie to the picture!
 The half marathon had handsome pacers during the race.  Very nice!
 Hmmm, interesting!  I am wondering if the dress had running clothes underneath it.  Would have been difficult to do a trail run in that.  
 Getting ready to start!!

I so, so love Spokane.  What a great view as we stumbled over the rocks on the trail.  No one in our group took a tumble.  We had an almost but she had great balance.

Hills, lots of them but they were a great challenge and a great change from the streets.  Did I mention how much fun this was?  I love a good challenge!  Makes me feel like I really accomplished something!
Yes, there were rocks.  Not all the trail looked like this!  My knee brace leg did not want to lift up over rocks and I had a couple bumps!
 Hills!  They look so innocent in the pictures.

 OK, I won't go that way.  The trail was very well marked!
 Michelle climbing up and up!
 More up and up!

 I really like this sign because I didn't know if I would ever be able to do the things I am doing now. I thank God that I have been able to go beyond what the doctors thought I would be able to do!  Miracles happen!
Michelle had a little mishap with the last trash can but I was too late to catch it on film.  She was fine thankfully.  She was trying to be a good citizen and was picking up her trash.  Not sure if the trash hit the trash can first of if she did.  She said he might end up with a fat lip.  Maybe I can get a picture of that next week.

 Mandi and Mandy finishing!
 Freida finishing.  She is also doing a marathon next weekend.  This was her 13 mile warm up.
Smiling after the race too.  I am so blessed to have such precious, loving, fun friends.  God has blessed me and I truly love them.  I couldn't ask for anything more!  Thanks all of you for putting up with my silliness, and my constant picture taking.  I think I talked about how fun this was about one hundred times!
 Patti had a personal best today.  This was not a walk in the park.  It was challenging.  She got 11th place in her age group.  I am so proud of my sister Patti!  Rock Star!
 I had to do it!  Picture in the mirror!
 Some of us went for our traditional coffee and meal after a race.  We laughed a lot and shared our stories about the day.  What a great day it was.  Nice try getting out of the picture Patti.  It didn't work!  Can't wait until next year and I want to do another trail run soon.

Lucy Soccer!

The little fireball playing soccer!  Getting ready for a warm up kick!

 Lucy is the second girl in line!
 Kristin and Lucy!

 I am sooooo tired!!!  But she gets right back up and goes at it!

 Ponytail bouncing while she runs!

 There it is Lucy!  The goal!  She scored three goals in this game!

 Super Star in the making!  Adorable!!!  Precious child of God!