Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bowl and Pitcher, Layne and Lucy August 2017

A few hours with Layne and Lucy! The best!  We went to the Bowl and Pitcher to check it out and the relay from Spokane to Sandpoint had an exchange spot where we were hiking.  They started at Mt. Spokane.  Riverside State Park is not on the way to Sandpoint.  The scenic route!
Layne and Lucy!  Across the bridge we go.
The Bowl and Pitcher.  Two rocks the someone at some time looked like a bowl and pitcher.

One of the relay runners.

We didn't stay on this path too long.  I had just done a hilly 15 mile bike ride and my legs were tired. Layne had a broken arm in a soft cast.  Let go somewhere that is friendlier.
The Spokane River

Don't go up there!  There is hardly a path.  There they go.
It leads to another path.  That is not friendlier come back.  They did!
This is more like it.
Unless you decide to climb to the top of a big rock.
A broken arm and climbing don't go together.

The Spokane River is not a safe river to play in.  Well, in a few places it is OK.  Hope they know what they are doing.
Lunch! Mod Pizza!

Now for a dog walk.

Love these girls.  They are beautiful inside and out.  We had fun!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dodger Stadium Happy 17th Anniversary

When we went to Dodger Stadium on our anniversary.  I had this run across the ribbon board which is under the big screen.  After the game they put it up on the big screen and sent a copy to us.  Here it is!  Fun!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Gleasonfest 2017

We were invited to a pre Gleasonfest concert at the Grand Hotel where Steve and family stayed.  Two of the bands agreed to play for some on the PALS before the fest started.  The two bands were the last two playing at Gleasonfest.  Some of the ALS patients might not have been able to stay to long enough to listen to them so they got to at the hotel.  

Face painting in the park happened.

London Souls! Very, very good!
Jenny Hoff
Sean, Finn and Rivers

This band is called Group Love!

I thought it was pretty special that the bands would take the time to do this.  It was a a very unique experience for all.
Riverfront Park!  When we arrived the crowd was just beginning to arrive.  There was a band just starting.  This band had only been playing together 4 weeks.  They did great!

Jane McCarthy was the emcee for Gleasonfest.
A concert in the park with a little rain.
The rain didn't last and boy we needed it.  We have had hot days, no rain, and fires.
My good friends came to Gleasonfest to hang out.  It was sooooo good to have them there.  Sheila got a new Apple watch.  She is explaining how to use it to Sarah and Bonnie!
Let the party begin.  The gang is here! Lola, Monique, Penny, Bambi and Celeste have arrived.  Not going to explain that, it's classified.  You really had to be there and boy were they fun!
Mike and Marianne

Steve arrived around 5.  We plowed right in before the crowds wanted to see him.

Mike and Marianne brought their adorable granddaughters.
As the day wore on the people kept coming.  Sprinkled all over the lawn in Riverpark Square.
So I had this green armband that was supposed to be a VIP armband.  When I asked what it was for they told me I could go places.  What places?  I had no idea.  Look what we found.  The VIP section but it wasn't.  We had to have red armbands for this place.  So what are the green ones for and how do you get a red one?
I think we had this nice gentleman going in circles.  He finally said just come in and we will figure it out.  We said we were OK and didn't come in this VIP area.  We must have come back three times to talk with him.  I think he was OK with our visits.  He figured out what the green armband was.  I could go back stage at the concert.  I wasn't interested in that but thanks! I liked the red VIP area better.

Good time with good friends!

This band was at the mini concert in the hotel.  London Souls.  I liked them.  Good music!

Our emcee!
We had our pictures taken in the picture booth.  I did it with Mike too.  I was supposed to get them in an email but I didn't.  Sarah got these.  
London Souls!

Day has turned to night and Steve had something to say.  He thanked everyone and introduced the last group.  We were all headed to the front of the stage to listen.

And here they are Group Love.
I walked back to where Mike was and we decided to leave.  Not our kind of music.
So the Gleason summer comes to an end.  We had a really great time hanging out with Steve, Michel, Rivers and their caregivers.  Good bye Gleasons!  Thanks for spending time with us in the Pacific Northwest.  We love you and will miss you.

The lights go out and the Gleasons head back to New Orleans!  I will share a quote I heard in a speech about Steve in Pullman.  Life's too short, so love the one you've got.  Steve is living that!  We should all be living that the best we can no matter what our circumstances!  No White Flags!