Saturday, December 20, 2014

Layne's First Piano Recital

The grandkids are growing up way to fast.  Layne had her first piano recital.  Precious beyond words.  
 She played on a baby grand piano.  At least I think it was a baby grand.
 Waiting is always the hardest part.  Layne was number 4 so she didn't have to wait long!

 Here we go!  I am not sure who was the most nervous.  The spectators or Layne!

 She did great!  So, so good.  We were all so proud of her.
 She really didn't want to get her picture taken but we got a couple after it was over!  Great job Layne.
 Love you!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

12-13-14, Not again until 1/2/3000

Why oh why don't I get out more and walk in the winter?  Today was a great day for the 12-13-14 and it was in the 30's.  Didn't feel cold at all. Just bundled up and did it.  Maybe because it is way more fun to have my EAOD buddies with me.  The next race on a date like this will be 1-2-3000.  Not sure we will be here to do that one so we decided to do this one.  
Manatee Park on a December morning.  The pond was much more frozen than when I did the Turkey Trot. 
All the leaves frozen in the pond looked pretty fabulous.  The ducks thought so too. 

I wanted to get the light pole in the picture.  I must have tilted my camera to do that because the light pole looks crooked.  It isn't.
Robyn Nance took this picture. I tried to make the colors real but we got dots on our faces.  True.  Dots!

Kurt with instructions and Robyn explaining the Teen Closet Charity.  Kurt deciding to start the race at 10:11 was genius!  10:11, 12-13-14 just in case you didn't get the genius thing.
Could these ladies be more beautiful?
 Yes, even more beautiful close up!
 Here we go!

 I have never seen this in the park.  I like it!
Well, we did get a little side tracked on this walk.   Alternate route as we call it.  Who can resist beautiful flowers in the wintertime!

These pictures are what pictures look like when you have your camera outside and you walk into a warm green house.  The lens fogs up.  Not matter how many times I wiped it off it just came right back.  I went with it!  Glasses had to come off too!


And this is what pictures look like when Freida keeps her iPhone in her pocket and it stays warm and doesn't fog up!  Thanks for sharing!

Back to my camera now!

Another alternate route.  We tried to teach Freida about geocaching and Sheila and I remember there was one close to this spot.  We never found it.  Had I thought about it I would have opened my geocaching app and it would have led us right to it.  I think this was our last alternate route.  Of course there was no official route so I don't think the flowers and geocaching count as alternate.
 Done. Next stop!
 We hung out with the big dogs today.  We were right there with the IronMan!  Yes, we were!

 Lovely house and love the red snowflakes.
 Cutest dog ever!
 So many treats to choose from!

Didn't have any of these.  A muffin for me.  The first one I choose had zucchini in it and I decided to trade for an apple muffin.  Zucchini is not supposed to be in muffins!

 Love these ladies.
 This is our new Christmas card picture!  Great morning with great friends.  I am blessed!