Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Gleason Adventure to Elkins Resort!

I have a new perspective on why winter is not a happy time for some people.  I love winter! It is my favorite season.  Snow is peaceful and beautiful.  I don't mind driving in it at all.  Although I haven't changed my mind about winter I can see why some don't like it.  I always get out and play in the snow.  My ski season ended before it began.  First day up and crash.  Torn, MCL and ACL.  Surgery on the 26th of January.  No walking in the snow, no skiing, no snowshoeing.  I was constantly apprehensive about slipping on my unstable knee and then after repair I didn't want to undo what at surgeon had fixed.  House bound except for the occasional outing, work and church.  Wanna get away?  Yes! Mike thought Priest Lake would be a great trip.  Lots of snow to look at and take pictures of.  Great idea Gleason.  Off we went!  Got my camera out because I needed to take pictures.  

We were going to eat at Hills Resort.  We found out it was closed for eating.
We headed to Elkins Resort but first a few pictures at our first stop!  Mike had to take a lot of the pictures.  I did not bring my cleats for my shoes and was not going to walk where I could twist or fall.
Priest Lake was frozen.  It is a huge lake and doesn't often freeze.  I would have to have proof that the lake was frozen enough to walk on to do what these people were doing.  One crack and you would have no one to save you.

The blanket of white is the lake.

On our way to Elkins now!

I loved this place.  Really rustic.  Way better than Hills in my opinion.
More ice walkers.  The workers in the restaurant said they were crazy to do this.
Chimney Rock sticking up all by itself with big mountains around it.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun peaked in and out.  In the high 30's.

See Mike by the window checking out the game on TV?  Not sure what game it was!
Now just some scenery pictures.  How do you describe these pictures?  No words that really can explain the glory of this setting.

It's hard for me to watch the world go around when I am not able to go around with it.  I think most people are like that.  The good thing is it is temporary.  I was fixed and I do not have to spend my days with a knee that collapses. 4 surgeries on my right knee including a new knee and one on my left.  I think it would be neat if I were done with all types of surgeries.  A bump in the road.  Won't be long and I will be training for my 36th Bloomsday!  I can't wait!  It's Good to be Alive!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Skiing in a Winter Wonderland Sort of! December 26,2016

Mike and I headed up to 49 Degrees North on the Monday after Christmas. It was so good to have Mike join me this time.  We got out the door on time and arrived about 30 minutes after opening.  This is the rope tow.  I have used these.  A long time ago!
 Learning to ski can be a challenge but well worth it.
 A little help goes a long way.
 I was enjoying being in the mountains pulling out my phone to take some pictures of the snow and mountains!
 Little did I know that this day wouldn't end well at all.

 Corduroy snow.  I love the sound it makes as you go over it.  I search it out.
 We stopped for lunch.  Mike stayed in the lodge and I took a few more runs.  I wasn't at all tired and needed to be out on the hill some more.
 More pictures! So beautiful.  I would just stop and breathe it in for awhile.

 I was coming back to the lodge taking my favorite run.  Again I was not tired at all.  I would have come in the lodge with my new knee if I would have been tired.  I was just cruising down and almost to the bottom taking big swooping turns and CRASH!  I haven't crashed like that in years.   I caught the edge of my ski and remember the back of my head hitting the snow and my knee twisting in an un-natural way.  My skis did not pop off. A couple of people asked if I was OK and I said yes.  I realized I only had one pole with me.  The next person got my pole for me and helped me get my skis off.  I tried to stand up and my knee collapsed. He got help for me.
 I tried to negotiate not going on the sled but I was not successful.  I did get my phone out to take a pictures so not in much pain yet.
 My first visit to 49 Degrees North first aid room and Mike took some pictures.

 I was shaking I was so cold so I got my Santa hat and some hot chocolate.  Still not a lot of pain but some.  It hit later that night.  Very nice people helping me!
Ski season is probably over for me.  The doctor said my knee was very loose.  I know that because it wants to collapse.  It doesn't but it feels like it could.  MCL tissue for sure and possibly an issue with my ACL.  That does not make me happy because I popped my ACL on the right knee.  It doesn't seem as bad as the other knee so I am hopeful.  MRI coming soon!  That will tell the whole story.  This picture is a bit of a contradiction.   My new snowshoes and crutches.  Hmmmm!
Lots of ice in my future and it is not the kind of ice you find on a ski hill.  Stay tuned!