Sunday, January 31, 2016

Gonzaga Basketball Night

Date night at the Gonzaga game.  We love our sports in the Gleason household and it is fun to get out and be there in person to see the Zags win big!!! I was practicing with my new lens.  We did not have seats close.  It was all about the lens!  I am getting better at using it. 

 It dropped in the basket.

 He couldn't quite reach the ball.
 A fight for the rebound!

 Almost in!
 The player on the bottom right doesn't look like he is going to have a good landing.

 The fans.  What a group!  They have organized cheers and don't stop through the whole game.

 There was a contest to throw the basketball from half court.  $500 for a basket.  Three tried and only one succeeded.  It was really fun to watch that basketball go in the hoop.  The crowd was cheering wildly!
 Here is the winner at the bottom right!

 Can you find the ball?

 The band!  It is huge!
 The ball?
 Where is the ball on this one?
 and this one?

 Mr. Mike Gleason
We had a great time.  It has been awhile since we have been to a men's game.  The students make it extra fun.  All the enthusiasm and cheering.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seahawks, Football, Olympics, Star Wars, Golf and Birthdays!

Sunday was dedicated to Seahawks football.  We were all geared up.  Mark and I were wearing different things than last week and pretty much were trying to convince ourselves it didn't matter.  We went with what we were wearing until half time when we took this group picture.  We knew things would turn around because of the picture and the change of gear.  It did but it wasn't quite enough.  

Easton went to his football practice before the game. 
 Football practice for 6 year olds!  

We love our Seahawks and we look forward to the season next year.  Go Hawks! Mark  had to leave the flock Sunday night on business.  Easton's birthday is on the 30th so we celebrated early before Mark left. We had to put the candle in the cake and sing again Monday night or no cake!

 Easton is saving his money for something very special.  Some sort of a race track that costs a lot.  He is very determined to save his money up for this!

The boys woke up Monday morning and played Animal Olympics Couch Jump.  Consists of piling up your stuffed animals and throwing them on the couch.  Not sure how the winner is determined.

 And when your mom wants you to come downstairs this is how you do it.  I love it!!!!

I really had no desire to see Star Wars until Keri told me it was old school.  We were in!  Oh my gosh, are you supposed to cry in a Star Wars movie?  I did.
After we recovered from the movie we headed out to Top Golf.  It is a game of luck and some skill.  I cannot say I used to be good at that about golf.  Never was and it showed.
You aim at these targets.  All balls have a chip in them so you get a score for every ball.  There are big elastic bands in these circles that create different sections.  The closer the section is to the center the more points you get.  The farther away the circle is the more points you get.
 Ryland and Easton brought their own clubs.  They are super golfers.  They really are!

 Better get it just right!

 Geez you two look a like!!!
And so it ends.  A trip to Texas that was unforgettable.  Keri and Mark are such good parents and Easton and Ryland are a pleasure to be with.  We had soooo much fun!  Thanks Doolittle's for a great vacation in Texas.  I already want to come back!