Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Spring Dash 2017

Another Spring Dash in the record books.  Cloudy skies, some wind but no rain.  My goal was to survive 5 miles on my new ACL.  My farthest walk so far had been 4 miles.  Here we go!
True to our name, Elite Athletes Only Different, we started off with medications of various types.  My doctor told me to take Advil, three of them before I walked.  Done!  
 No ambulance rides this year!  We will never forget, Deanna!
 Nice day for a stroll along Lake Coeur d' Alene in Idaho!
 Aaron's girlfriend Alexis joined us!

 These ladies were very enthusiastic for the entire walk!  Cheering everyone on!  They were behind us and I sort of wanted them to stop cheering just for a few minutes.  You know what I mean?
 Here we go! Slow and steady.  Bonnie stayed with me thankfully.  Can't walk as fast as I did a year ago.  Next year I will be back full speed! God willing!
I didn't take the usual number of pictures.  I was concentrating on finishing the 5 miles without tripping over anything or twisting anything!   This is a beautiful walk!  We live in a beautiful place!  Love it!

The Creepy Statue.  This was a new statue to us this year. His eyes were red.  Why oh why?  He is scary! Keep your distance!
 Here they come!  The runners
 Love this picture of Freida for sure but the highlight of this picture is the man on the left with a nose strip on!  You never know what you will capture when you click to take a picture!
 The long and winding road!  Halfway!  At this point my quads felt weak and my knee a bit swollen.
 Over 1/2 way!
I think the biggest issue was my less than strong quads.  My knee got a bit more swollen than normal but it didn't hurt.  Takes forever to regain strength.  Well, maybe not forever.  Feels that way sometimes.
 Ah, the end!
 Mission accomplished!  5 miles done.  Off to grab a couple Girl Scout cookies.

I was pleasantly surprised!  Not much pain in my knee and just a bit more swelling than normal but nothing overwhelming.  I was pretty slow but I got it done.  I am getting there!  2 more weeks until Bloomsday.  I will be able to finish it!  As usual it was fun having our after event coffee and treats.  We never seem to run out of things to talk about that make us laugh and smile.  Love these friends!  I am a lucky one!  Next stop Bloomsday! 

Lathrop Sport Saturday

A rare beautiful day this spring and I got to spend it watching Layne and Lucy!  Layne plays on two softball teams.  One team plays tournaments only.  This team is a league that plays during the week.  Number 4 got two hits and played great!

 Make it home Layne, make it home!

Next! Lucy!

Here they are! Sisters!  Love these girls and it is really fun watching them grow up and do the same things their mom did! 

 Lucy also got a couple of hits too.  This is her first year doing kid pitch and not coach pitch!

 Lucy got to pitch for an inning.  Each pitcher got to pitch an inning.
 Off to some soccer for Lucy!

I can't even think of anything I would rather be doing than spending time with the granddaughters.  I wish all the grand kids were closer!  Love you all!  Life is so good!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pre Easter Celebration with the Lathrops

We live 30 minutes apart and don't see each other nearly enough.  Busy schedules on both sides.  We were invited for a home cooked meal at the Lathrop Restaurant on Friday night.  When we pulled up Lucy was sitting on top of the Roy's dog house.  She had a very serious look on her face.  Maybe we were taking to long to get there?   
 Layne is getting so grown up.  7th grade and an honor student.  She is running for an office at school.
 Love coming to visit this place!

 Justin the master chef along with Kristin!! Hamburgers and fancy hot dogs!
 Before dinner Layne walked around the table and announced exactly where we were all sitting.  She made little place card out of lined paper for us with our names on them.  This was all done before we got there.  Mike started dinner with a prayer of thanks for our family and for Jesus! He has risen!

 These were placed on the plates so we knew exactly where to sit.  Layne really planned this out.
 After dinner was the traditional egg coloring.
We got this for Lucy for Easter.  I hope her mom and Layne help her read it.  Layne got an Easter gift too.

 I think Layne is wondering what is wrong with her mom.

 Lucy put a cross on her egg.
 Kristin and I made a Jesus egg.
While we were coloring eggs Justin and Mike were deep in conversation!  Mike didn't even notice we colored eggs.  He asked when we did it.

The silver egg hunt.  I don't remember having a special egg with a surprise in it when I hunted for eggs.  I think most of our eggs were hard boiled not plastic.  I could be wrong.  That was a long time ago.

Oh, this girl.  Pie and a hot dog for dessert!
 These girls have some serious skills.

 Let the dancing begin.  This is a regular event at the Lathrop house!  Justin started the music and we started dancing.  So much fun.  Blurry pictures are OK.  We were moving and shaking!  Especially Layne and Lucy!

 And the cup song!
 The cup song with no cups!

 The hair came out of the ponytail so it could fly around!

 Teaching Lucy some old dance moves!

What's next?  The Monkey in the Middle.  Keep away with three.  Layne, Lucy and Grandpa Mike!

I think Grandpa Mike is going to get this one.  Someone else is going to have to be the Monkey in the Middle.

Checking out one more video before it is time to go home.  We had such a great night.  Good ol' fashion family fun!  Times like these are precious!  I can't wait until next time!