Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall with the Lathrops

I snapped some pictures of all the leaves that fall in November in our neighborhood.  One person a couple houses from ours has a big tree that sheds all these leaves.  Luckily not many of them fall in our yard.  We have plenty in our own backyard.

 Mike decorated our porch with corn stalks from our garden.
I took a trip up to Deer Park to check out Julie's Christmas store at her house.  Her house is right next to Kristin and Justin's house.  Julie is a grandma to Layne and Lucy too.  First stop was to see Layne, Lucy and Justin with their burn piles. I was greeted with a golf cart speeding to me with these two girls in it. Nothing feels better!

 Next stop Julie's shop.
 Lucy runs everywhere she goes.
 A country girl!
I did purchase a few things.  OK, several things.  You can always use some more Christmas decorations.  Mike doesn't agree but he never complains.

 There was a beautiful sunset right in our own backyard on the way home.  Life is good.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Sugar Rush

When you see the pictures of all the chocolate later in this post you will see why this race is called the Sugar Rush.  It isn't good for you at all.  The exercise is but the massive amounts of chocolate is not good.  
 This tent will be filled with chocolate at the end of this event!
 Bonnie, Michelle, Kat, Sheila and Deanna!
 And Freida of course!
 This is what you get when you don't let me take pictures of you Mandy.  I do it anyway!
 Yes, I do!
I love living in Spokane.  I got lots of pictures with reflections in the river water.  Fall is beautiful in Spokane!
It took me a minute to figure out why the water looked so odd.  The clouds were reflected in the water.  So cool.

 Sheila and Michelle stopping for a picture.

We did take an alternate route just so we could say we did.  We went on this little path instead of the path to the right of the picture.  We probably cut off 15 steps.
This is where we should have walked.  We have a reputation to protect so we have to take an alternate route now and then.
The Chinese Lantern Festival was still going on in Riverfront Park.  The dragon is hanging out in this picture.
 More reflection.  Love it!
 We even saw some wildlife!  The moose posed no threat to us.
 Another stop for a picture.  That's what I do!

This is what happens when you stop to take pictures and your friends keep going.  You have to catch up.

 And here comes the chocolate!  I tried really hard not to over indulge.

 Healthy apples! Of course you could add some melted chocolate to these apples.

 All together!  Michelle, Jackie, Sheila, Bonnie and Mandy, Deanna and Freida.  The end almost.
A few of us headed to First Presbyterian Church to check out the Jubilee sale.  I think we all bought something.  A fun day with great friends!