Monday, August 18, 2014

Cle Elum Visit with the Gleasons!

We drove into Suncadia in the dark.  No lights at all or very few and roads and courts going everywhere.  Where do we go?  The frustration was setting in and then we found the lodge.  We checked in and asked where the address Michel gave us was.  They did not know how to get there.  WHAT?  I guess the house they were staying in was in the Suncadia area but not rented out by Suncadia.  Finally, the manager gave us some directions and the good ol' GPS got us there.  It was a stressful drive of turning and backing up turning again but we made it.  We spent some time with the Gleasons and then headed back to our room.  This is what we woke up to in the morning.  Gorgeous!  We didn't even know this was here.  So nice and beautiful with golfing, bike riding, fishing, hiking, river rafting and more.  God's masterpiece.  I feel a peace in areas like this.  So obvious God has his hand in this and is there with us!

 Pictures before we headed to Steve and Michel's place.
 Who was the first person we saw when we arrived?  Rivers in his PJ's! Playing with sticks and trees!
 He decided to toss the stick over the deck!
We had a whole talk about the bees and how they got caught in the traps.  He didn't really like that because they had mommies and daddies they needed to get back to.  I explained he would be safe because they couldn't sting him.
 Happy rocks.  You will see what they are in the next picture.

Off to the trail with Rivers.  It started as a bike ride but the bike was abandoned.  The helmet was not.  It protected him from the forest animals!

 Here we go exploring!

 Selfie!  We tromped through the forest for a while checking every square inch of it.  We were headed to a friends house for a big get together after our hike!
 Those were the days!  This is in Roslyn.  We had to stop on our way to the get together to pick Jay up.
 Arrived.  Jared is a new caregiver for Steve!
Aren't these ladies beautiful.  Erin (spelling?), Michel and Sarah!  The house behind them is owned by Dan and Erin!

 One of the views from upstairs.  This house has everything.
 The Gleason men!
 Lots of pool time for the kids and a few of the adults.

 Got ya Lauren!

 Hot tub with Dewey/David.
 Rivers is pushing Michel down the water slide into the pond!
 Rivers is learning how to use the float board as a squirt gun!
 Some after swimming snuggles!
 The view was so beautiful!
Backyard playground!  We had a great time watching the kids play, eating burgers, talking with everyone.  Thanks to Dan and Erin for inviting us!  It was so relaxing!
We left before the rest of the gang.  Mike wanted to check out a bar that someone told him about in Roslyn.  We found it and it was unique for sure.  Crowded too.  Saturday night crowd.
 That sign says Hawk's Nest.
 Mike had a beer and I had a water.  We decided to check out this little gem of a town afterwards.
 How long has it been since you have seen one of these?  They are different now.
 He is a little big for that!
 OK, so am I!
This is a magnet for Mike and I followed of course.  While we were getting ice cream a local person told us a couple of things we didn't know about the bar called the BRICK.  That is where we had just come from.
We made our way back to the bar and saw some pretty neat things going on.  There was a one person music show going on here!
 Don't forget the log show in September!
 Ah, the Brick.  The oldest bar in the state of WA.  Good to know.  Not only that...
 It still has a running spittoon trough!  Filled with water for your spitting pleasure.
 Don't get your feet in that!

That was the end of the evening for us.  The next morning before heading to Michel and Steve's place we went back to Roslyn.  It was very close.  Look!  A Saint's fan!
 Rustic, quaint, old, welcoming!
 We just happened to be there when the when the Farmers Market was going on.  Nice.

We found a great breakfast spot.  We were advised to go into Cle Elum by one of the locals but we didn't.  This place was great.  Roslyn Cafe!
 Love, love!  Love you Mike!
 Mike's food!
 My food.  Unfortunately I didn't eat this healthy the whole weekend.

A little music at the farmers market. We had to get going because we had Rivers duties.  Michel and friends were going floating down the river and we were hanging out with Rivers.

 We went on a different trail this time.  He cried when his mom left and going on this hike did the job of distracting him.
It was a walk to find animals that turned into a walk to find bugs.  Mike gave a big bear growl in the woods and Rivers right away said it was a burp.  Mike needs to work on his bear call.

 A boy on a mission!
 We found animal tracks all over.  Deer and elk Mike said.

 This was a fascination or one of the fascinations of the day.  If you pull on the top of these lots of seeds come out to make more grass.  We took some back for Steve and Michel to see.
 Rivers learned that this was a meadow.
 Curious, curious.  He wanted to know what the flower was up there for.  I lifted him up.  It was plastic and tied on the tree!
Another hit of the day.  Mike was trying to find bugs in this tree.  None but the rotted wood was a great thing to play with.  Some of that came back to the house.

 A hawk!
Bingo!  After pealing the bark of this stump lots of ants and ant eggs.  Rivers did not want Mike to kill the bugs.  He did earlier and it upset Rivers.  They have mommy and daddies.  After the walk it was lunch and nap time.  Pretty much for everyone.  Mike, Steve and Rivers all asleep.
Wake up from naptime.   This was priceless.  Mike was giggling his belly.  Rivers, "ICK"! Long pause just looking at the belly.  Next, "What's in there"?  We all laughed so hard that the question was never answered.  Mike showed Rivers how he could eat a bug.  That was not a happy thing for Rivers to learn or see.  Steve told Rivers if he ate bugs his stomach would look like Mike's stomach.  Don't think Rivers will be eating any bugs.  Sometimes Mike is a bad influence.
 Fun time in the front yard!
 This was our last night!

 Michel is a star when it comes to basketball.

 Rivers was going OHHHHHH!  Steve was moving his trike away from him with his wheelchair!

 A little Mike Gleason basketball.

 More bugs but no eating!
This one was already dead and Rivers was taking it to show Steve.  I think Mike wanted him to show Steve more than Rivers wanted to show him.
 This is my favorite picture of Rivers.  What a handsome little boy!
 Close up!

The night ended with a movie and some family time.  Lots of food too.  The visit was short but it was good.  Very good.
One last stop the next morning at our new favorite place to eat in Roslyn, WA.  The cafe!  Yum.  Waffles for me this morning.  We drove to the house for one last goodbye.  Ahh, we so wished we lived closer but we don't so we will enjoy our time together to the fullest and thank God for the opportunity to be together.  Until next time, we love you Gleason's and all who surround you with lots of love and care!