Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Weekend 2015

The grandkids are growing up. Brings back lots of memories.  It is joy compounded by 2!  The joy of seeing our grandkids play sports and watching them grown into wonderful human beings and the joy of knowing how wonderful this is for our own kids because we remember doing this with them just a minute ago!  Time goes so fast.  Live it up!
 Lucy is a ball of fire.  She scored two goals within the first few minutes of the game.  She wasn't sure how many she scored at the end.  #1 power!

 She is fast too!

 Takin' a  little break in style!

 Mom is rockin' the same glasses.

 Kristin and I ... "Watch this! Lucy will cut right in front of everyone and get this throw in"  She did!
 Now three softball games for Layne.  This is her first year playing tournaments for the Stealth team she tried out for.  1st base every game!

 Mike and I both got teary watching her smack the ball.

 And Lucy making friends!
 Ahh, I so remember these days.  What goes around comes around!

 Nice shades!
 This girl never stops!
 Cartwheel Lucy!

 Batter up!

 The post game pep talk!

 Lathrop love!
 Captain Layne takes the field with her teammates.

 Not that is some swag!

 Veggie break between games.
 Another flash back!

 A blue slushy!

 At third base testing the catcher!

 The best coloring book ever!!!!
Sunday rolled around and Layne had one more game.  Then to the home front for some slip and slide and snow cones.

 A movie and rest!
 Blue eyes!

 Slip and slide rolled up for another day!
 Nothing better than spending time with family!