Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Jam 2014

Oh what a night.  I bought tickets for Winter Jam thinking I would ask someone to go with me. As it turned out I thought I was going by myself.  I was OK with that but God had different plans.  As we know God's plans are always way better than our own.  I was joined by two of my 2nd grade teaching partners and Sarah (former student and daughter of Susan).  I was so blessed and excited to spend the evening praising God with them!  This is Susan and Sarah!

I don't remember all the bands names.  The official concert started at 7:00 PM but they had some bands starting at 6:00 PM.  It was the Pre-Jam!

Here we go!
Colton Dixon started us off.  What a wonderful Christian young man.  I wish I could have understood more of the words to his songs.  I am getting old?  No way!
Glow in the dark shirt!  Who knew???

Next...Maybe they were called New Song?   We had great seats and they performed right by us.  I took this picture from my seat.

An accordion! Cool!

While the band was playing this man was creating a picture of Jesus right before our eyes.  I was watching it on the big screens and didn't even realize he was not he stage doing this.  Amazing talent.
Two screen meeting!
We were told later that the painting would be auctioned off and the proceeds were going to the Union Gospel Mission.  I wanted that painting for sure, UNTIL, they said it was auctioned off for $6,500 at the last concert.  Whew!  Someone at this concert paid $5,000 dollars for it.
A Christian rapper. I had no idea what he was saying most of the time but he was fun to watch!  He loves God for sure.  So do I!

Sometimes I would just look around at all the people in the Arena praising God and I was just overwhelmed.  What a fabulous evening.
Rock stars!  My goal was to get a picture of this guys Jesus shirt!
Same group with some truly serious rocking out, praising God!
I have no idea why I took this picture or what Bones means.  Good view of our view of the stage.
Finally Jeremy Camp!  A man of faith and I just love his music!

Yes, he does! When this song was first being played on the radio I would crank it up loud and sing like nobodies business!
A little technical difficulty!

Jeremy Camps new song.  If you haven't heard it then look it up and listen.  It is good!  He knows everything we are going through because he has been there and experienced it!
Here we are! Jackie, Paulla, Sarah, Susan.  Blessed, so blessed to have these ladies in my life.

A mother daughter team! The pretzels look good!
Francesca Battistelli. Susan really likes her so I took lots of pictures for her.  She can chose which ones she wants to keep.  Francesca has a beautiful voice and I like her music too.  Write Your Story on my Heart is a favorite of mine.

So excited to see her favorite!
No really excited, not kidding!

Last but not least was Hillsong!  Great way to wind up the night.  

I am not sure what this musical technique is.  Click on the picture and enlarge it and see if you can figure it out.

The night ended with Hillsong singing Oceans.  Beautiful song with amazing lyrics.  Another one to listen to if you haven't.  After way too long waiting outside in the freezing cold and getting a bit concerned and maybe grumpy that we had VIP tickets and they were 20 minutes late letting us in everything turned out great.  We thawed out, really we had to, and listened to praises to God and the best thing was how it all worked out that I did not go by myself. God orchestrated a perfect plan for us this fine evening. The truth...God's has a plan for us and it is good.  Really good! PTL.