Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bald Eagle Viewing Coeur d alene, Idaho

Majestic birds.  They are beautiful and very, very large.  Every year there is an influx of bald eagles to Northern Idaho, Coeur d Alene Lake.  I think the eagles like the food the best at the lake because there are hundreds of them.  Wonder if the fish taste different in this lake.  Last year we were at a spot where we saw hundreds of bald eagles.  We went to the same area and there weren't as many this year.  Probably depends on the day you go.  They can fly you know so they can go where ever they want to go.  There were plenty for viewing today though. We take pictures with a small camera.  We have a great spotting scope so when you see a circle around the pictures we put the camera up to the scope.  Some pictures are perfect and some are blurry but they are all fun to look at.  First stop was Wolf Lodge Bay. You can click below to compare the pictures from last year.  Be sure and come back and see these too if you click.

We took some pictures without the scope to show the area they land in.  Pretty isn't it?
This is a little blurry and it was done with the scope and camera.  Love seeing the birds so close through the scope.

This is a young bald eagle.  How do I know?  The ranger last year said they aren't born with the white feathers.  They get those as they get older.  I wonder if it is like getting gray hair for us? I love the blue around this picture.  Have no idea how it got there but I like it.
 Mike took the pictures through the scope and I did the editing. Nice job Mike!
We found these nice people to help us with spotting the eagles.  Chrisanne ( I am sure I didn't spell that correctly, sorry) and Darlene.  We would drive to one place then stop and take pictures.  Pack up and go to the next place a few seconds down the road and do it over and over.  Mike is probably pointing out an eagle that was flying over the lake to fish.
 Up in the trees! There we several on this stop.
We drove a bit farther down the lake and found this guy sitting by himself/herself on a log.  By the time we got the scope out the eagle decided to go fish but I got a good shot with my little camera.
 Check out the reflection in the water.  Cool.
 Feathers, you can see this eagles individual feathers.  Nice shot Mike.

This is a distance picture of the eagles below!  This was at Higgins Point.  It was the only eagle we saw there.

Our new tradition after eagle watching is to go someplace for eats afterwards.  We found this place off the beaten trail a bit.  It wasn't right downtown in Coeur  d Alene.  It was off the freeway exit we took to get to Higgins Point.  It was jam packed so we figured it must be good.  All the employees there said, "Merry Christmas," to us.  I loved that!  Food was good too.  We had to have a second breakfast because it was before noon.
 Mike's traditional silly food picture.
 I decided to join in this year but I didn't have food hanging out of my mouth.  I do have some food between my teeth but you don't have to try and find that!
This is the outside of Michael D's Eatery, the restaurant where we ate.  Sometimes these little small places are the best!  We had a great time hanging out with each other.  I am pretty sure we love each other a lot.  That is a great thing.